27 December 2010

they hate him for his staunch antifascist position

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And don't mind propagandizing the living snot out of everyone in the Western World to vilify him. I have turned into such a Putin fan, not just because I know it's the opposite of what they want me to think, but because he has shown very real indications that he means business, and will sit on any oligarch who attempts to actually oligarch. It was beyond fair to let them know they could keep their ill-gotten gains if they stayed the hell out of politics, and IF he is having people assassinated for trying to dupe the public, which has not by any means been shown, even if they are dupes themselves, that is clearly in defense of the Russian people, as opposed to The Laureate having people assassinated in furtherance of our terrorization and enslavement.

Cablegate has just occasioned a reiteration of the single thing that helped me out of my media-induced trance:
It refers obliquely to a meeting in 2000 when Vladimir Putin, then still president, met Khodorkovksy and 20 other oligarchs and reportedly warned them to stay out of politics in return for their businesses being left in peace.
One of the most statesmanlike moments in world history. And it contrasts sharply with the filthy collusion, back room deals, in which President Hopey Changey Shit Not Working Out For Us regularly, unerringly, engages.

No. Really. Wipe the sleeping powder off your expanding girth. This is no time to be an all-American jackass.

The truth is: Russia has convicted a couple of their most corrupt sociopathic fucks and the PTB don't want us realizing it because we might get ideas about demanding some of ours suffer similarly.

love, 99

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