24 December 2010

what whining accomplishes

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While you think yer bellyaching online is doing something, those who know better get in there and make what they want happen. Whining on the intertubes insures your life—THIS life—keeps being done to you. Again, one guy—ONE—figures out how to make the tubes ACTUALLY work, ACTUALLY do something, and all people do is whine about how it's going to take our medium from us. Fuck no! WHERE do you think you live?

The operative concept is: Scare the snot out of 'em and they will be so busy fighting, so busy holding marathon id parties, they will never rise up to slap us down. And, really, WHY should that preening sociopath in the White House give one molecule of half a shit about people this piggy and stupid? I hate him because he won't risk himself for us, but, well, I do often catch glimpses of exactly what it is makes it okay with him to sell us out over and over and over and over and over... actually, EVERY time.

Ho. Ho. Ho.


Old Uncle Dave and I were just having our Christmas chat, wherein I squandered many of my recently re-upped minutes to speak without constant irk on the land line as opposed to the pitiful performance of his connection speed. I was bellyaching about all the fuckers suspicious of Assange because of a dearth of truly ugly information on Israel, telling him there was already plenty of it, I suppose there will be lots more, Western media will be loath to publish it, but even when/if they did, none of us would even recognize it as suitably incriminating because we already know everything transcendentally awful about them and nothing they could publish would make us blink an eye. Truly, what new depth to which anyone could possibly or impossibly sink do you think WikiLeaks could expose relative to them? While it not being even feasible any nation could be more reprehensible than ours, Israel seems to have accomplished it! They never would have succeeded in this distinction without our help, but... they have solicited it strenuously. So not even our sluggishness overcomes that factor... only nearly.

So. Fine and dandy sugar candy. I got to blurt that out in the analog world and it felt good. Then, kaching, I land upon Ditz:
WikiLeaks Poised for Major Israel Document Dump
Info on Killings, 2006 War Near Release
by Jason Ditz, December 24, 2010

The paucity of information on Israel in the early WikiLeaks releases led to a flurry of speculations and conspiracy theories, insisting WikiLeaks may have made a secret deal with the Netanyahu government or that the lack of data proved the organization’s insincerity as a whistleblower. After all, in a dump of 250,000+ classified documents from the US, surely Israel would figure pretty prominently.

And actually it does. Though the information has not been released there will be a considerable dump, according to reports, including some 3,700 documents detailing Israel’s assassination plot in Dubai, the 2007 air strike against Syria, and the 2006 invasion of southern Lebanon.

Truly, the Israeli government is no stranger to unseemly covert actions, and the bulk of such actions are assumed to be taken under American imprimatur. Given this, it seems that the secret data should contain more than a few juicy tidbits.

Which might lead one to wonder why we haven’t seen it before. After all, despite WikiLeaks’ extremely slow release schedule they did give the full collection to a number of Western publications. According to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, this is because the newspapers simply weren’t interested in publishing data embarrassing to Israel. Which is forcing us to wait on this topic, while the press oohs and aahs at the revelations of Anna Nicole Smith’s impact on the Bahaman government.
Another synchronicity.


And I'd like to take this holiday to remind you that we have real evidence—and have had it for WEEKS—that Hillary Clinton is a FELON and I haven't heard ANYONE screaming for her indictment. I heard Julian Assange suggest she resign, and a couple others mumbling concurrence, but bubkes about locking her up and throwing away the key... not even a peep about at least getting her convicted so The Laureate can pardon her. This IS psychedelic. This is more psychedelic than any drug ever.


More on the fruit of our whining... this immortal clicktivism we pretend can be effective.

love, 99

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