23 January 2011

al jazeera may have just reclaimed some credibility

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I might need somebody to tell me what the hell this is all about because I'm still in my not-able-to-stand-it mode, trying to scramble out of it. So far, it only seems to be confirmation that the United States has been THE impediment to any settlement... which, in a way, isn't really news, but, give me a break, I've only been on the case for fifteen minutes or so.

Al Jazeera....

You can watch on Livestation and, again, since it airs so many better news outlets than available on your TV, you might want to consider downloading their thing so you can flip right onto it any time you feel like it, or that something big in world news is breaking.

Al Jazeera's Transparency Unit, a complete, or soon to be, database of all the documents.


Listening now for forty-five minutes or so, it emerges that Abu Mazen has been trying very hard to give away the farm for some time, HUGE concessions. The other side having NONE of it, but taking ALL of it. This can't be much of a surprise to most Palestinians, or Americans who have been paying attention. If our dedication to the democratic process were real, we would have been dealing with someone from Hamas, but chose only to recognize this puppet from the PA.

I'm hoping enough Palestinians get this information that he's booted out for good.


Gilad Atzmon puts a point on it....

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