24 January 2011


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Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Albania...
Berisha accused the socialist opposition of wanting to trigger "a Tunisian-style scenario for Albania" by staging "a coup to seize power by force," AFP reported.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets for an anti-government protest called by the socialist opposition on 21 January. The demonstration ended with violent clashes between protesters and the police, and three people were killed. ...

Berisha and opposition Socialist Party leader Edi Rama blamed one another for the deaths, with each side promising new rallies in an escalating political row. ...

In a move to bolster support, Berisha on Saturday gave a bonus of one month's wages to security officials who patrolled the protest on Friday, and four months' wages for police officials who were wounded.

Security officials have placed coils of barbed wire on the ground around government buildings on the capital's main boulevard.
They're trying to give all kinds of fancy excuses—corruption, bogus elections, partisan bickering, housing, human rights—but the bottom line, the motive force in all these places seems to be FOOD.

[THE CORPORATION, two and a half hour documentary that does bear on all this....]


UPDATEAnd Egypt....

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  1. +EGYPT

    Food...say it ain't so.

  2. comments...I guess you get what you pay for.

  3. I've been noting that when you put a link in yer first line, Blogger decides yer spam.

  4. huffpo has po'd it's last charade for me. I block that mf'er along with facebook. I ain't telling You what to do though. Just saying what I did.


    note: I noticed someone showed in comments about egypt, (Hell I was knocking on your website door early in the morning wondering if you had anything on it-nope) the trick is, if you follow ZH (zerohedge) daily, when these government army vs their own citizen treasonous events occur, they are usually on ZH pretty quick, since people have money invested in different parts of the world. I find they are quicker than raw, and even drudge at times. For sure they are pointing to other sites like FT, or RT, etc, but still for an all in one place ala carte.

    Just a note. Feel free to ignore.

    I am crunching through the Tsarian Aton deal, horrid audio at times. Sounds like an 8bit D2A / A2D converter with a low battery. ;o)

    Also... Regarding the worrying about Tsarion + Youtube + govt out of control with killswitches and such crap equaling the potential to have one or more links go dark. The way to prevent this is to use a utility like "keep tube"

    And finally, I noticed those giant fuckign playlists can be embedded in a single window.

    1. Load Giant List http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=90D4D0508A08866A

    2. look below the top left photo for the embed button. Copy, and paste in your blog.

    Dunno about blogspot as it tends to take a piss on tags like embed, param, or object, But if I had a blogspot I'd open the tags and do it, that's indeed the way I would post it anywhere else my own blog included.


  5. I stopped embedding media because [1] it makes the page take ages longer to load; and when the vids go dark on YouTube, they go dark on your blog. I mean, so do links, but it's less upsetting.... And... if I download all these Tsarion interviews, I'll go nuts trying to put them in order and buy enough hard drive to hold it all. The sound quality sucked so hard on last night's six hours that I thought I would just open the window and jump, but... the content was too good.

    Shit. I see I gotta fish you out of the spam filter....

  6. I like ZH okay, but I don't like the finance focus so much. I mean, I know it's important for people to know, some more than others, but it pisses me off. If you'd find me a wealthy bachelor, HE could pay attention to that SHIT. But, yes, lots of very ON the moment and important general stuff there too. Most of the comments are just total craaaaaap, buncha monkeys trying to sound like hipper oligarchs, but there, too, betimes can be found some good nuggets... except, I don't wanna go through it! It's too damn time consuming.

  7. Huffpo is the antichrist.

  8. Huffpo is McDonalds, Mcnewz for McSheeple. Keep a weather eye on the shit winds, and watch out for splatter.


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