29 January 2011

as you know, i have grave misgivings about these toppling regimes

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Not that I'm against them toppling, but I am very worried about who's in line to replace them. I know we have had agitators assigned to various Middle East, North African and Central Asian countries for quite some time and the ability of oligarchs to manipulate mass consciousness has been proven transcendentally effective. So it is IMPERATIVE we remember to think critically AND not be distracted from putting ourselves in shape to survive the gathering storm.

And, get it straight, TwitFace is not your friend.


For instance, this is making the rounds on TwitFace:
During this critical time, while Mubarak is attempting to derail the Egyptians’ Revolution, we call on the National Coalition to stay firm on our demands:

1. Immediate resignation of Hosni Mubarak.
2. The creation of temporary National Gov’t comprised of the people who the Egyptians can trust. The former regime should be excluded from this Gov’t.

New Leadership Responsibilities:

— All political prisoners should be released.
— The accountability of the former regime in respect to policies towards: poverty and torture.
— Freedom to all Egyptians to form their own political factions without governmental interference.

Until all the above demands are met we call on all Egyptians to:

— Call for a general strike starting Sunday the 30th of January, 2011.
— Form a national group in all Egyptian communities to protect public welfare and to face anyone who tries to meddle and destroy our governmental (public) and privately owned properties.
— Do not give the previous regime (i.e Mubarak) and their cronies the opportunity to give a bad picture of this uprising and revolution.

Long Live The Egyptian Revolution

All freedom belongs to the Egyptians.

All sacrifice belongs to the homeland.
Sounds great! Doesn't it?

All morning I was hearing al Jazeera reporting that the word on the street is that the people want ElBaradei—a resident of VIENNA—to lead the temporary national government. Most Egyptians don't even know who he is... or even what the IAEA is. Those who have heard of him have only heard about him on TV... through the mass media... the media that are owned and operated by the controlling elite... people we can't trust with ANYTHING... the people who installed the dictators the people are overthrowing... The Enemy.

We all like ElBaradei for not caving to pressure to "exaggerate" a nuclear threat from Iran... except... obviously, now, that was his mandate. He didn't defy anyone to stick to the truth. And after a big deal being made of him returning to Egypt when he stepped down from the IAEA, he didn't really move back at all. He lives in Vienna, and had to quickly hop a flight to Cairo in order to make Friday Prayers, be placed under house arrest and yet be mystically available to assure locals he is willing to put together the temporary government. I don't know. I think you ought not to take this stuff at face value. That's what got us here.

PLUS, "accountability for poverty and torture" is a big problem for US now too... but what are WE doing?

love, 99


  1. fuck your spam filter.

    Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia

    Saudi King Supports Mubarak!

    "...we expect more news such as those from yeserday that Kuwait is paying its citizens $3,500 plus free food for a year to keep calm. Oddly, visions of money dropping helicopters, infinitely extendable unemployment insurance and tax breaks keep dancing in our head."

    "The announcement was made following an overnight meeting of the cabinet. The 2.4 million foreign residents of Kuwait are excluded from the grant and the free food.

    Inflation in Kuwait soared to 5.9 percent in November, the highest in 20 months on the back of high food prices which rose by 12.3 percent.

    The fifth largest OPEC producer has posted budget surpluses in each of the past 11 fiscal years, totalling more than $140 billion, and is also headed for another healthy surplus this year thanks to rising oil price."

  2. And, again, you can follow it on Twitter....

    History is vindicating Dubya.

  3. What's Twitter? Sounds Trife.Not 1, but 3 or 2 are fine.

    Vindicate. —Synonyms
    1. corroborate, verify, authenticate, support, validate.
    Dubya Or Saddam, depending on where you are standing.

  4. Well, Saddam had turned on the controllers. He had to go. Dubya's bullshit about spreading democracy is working. People ought not to forget that "democracy" is code for neo-feudalism, fascism, slavery... unless... unless, possibly, the uprising spreads to the United States.


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