22 January 2011

australia swims up for air

[click image — yuh, I switched out images because this one just keeps making me laugh]


I am sure they'll be dunked again, but at least they're still thrashing.
Robert Stary, Assange's Melbourne-based lawyer, thinks his client's defense should be pretty straightforward, because he considers Assange to be a journalist, protected by U.S. First Amendment guarantees of free speech.

But Stary is worried about some possibilities: "Our main concern is really the possible extradition to the U.S. We've been troubled by the sort of rhetoric that has come out of various commentators and principally Republican politicians — Sarah Palin and the like — saying Mr. Assange should be executed, assassinated."

On her Facebook page, Palin suggests that Assange should be "pursued with the same urgency as al-Qaida and Taliban leaders."

Anyone who incites others to commit violence against his client, even outside Australia, Stary says, is violating Australian law, and can be held accountable for it.

"Certainly if Sarah Palin or any of those other politicians come to Australia, for whatever purpose, then we can initiate a private prosecution, and that's what we intend to do," Stary said.
Poor Sarah. Her bloody rhetoric keeps taking hits lately.


And, it appears I'm getting some support from a Russian author for my assertions about the intertubes NOT going to be taken away:
Part of the argument I'm making in the book is that authoritarian governments have immensely benefited from the web, and I point to three features. One of them is propaganda; one of them is new ways of censorship; and one of them is increased surveillance, more sophisticated surveillance.
So relax....

love, 99


  1. I switched out images because this one just keeps making me laugh



  2. I know! I've, obviously, looked at it a thousand times, and it STILL makes me laugh out loud each time I do more than glance in its direction. It is outright priceless, and almost makes all the bullshit worth it.


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