10 January 2011

go read it

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It's important stuff. Don't make me wade through all that code to splat it here. Just go read it. The good part is that this morning the horrific ad shtick at Salon appears to be on the fritz. But if I feel your eyes have not landed there, I'm going to have to get crabby, so just go. It's important.

love, 99


  1. That's odd...

    The article is dated today, yet I'm positive I've read at least the first four paragraphs before!

  2. It's ESP! Senility makes one's clairvoyance kick in to compensate. It's the same as with bad eyesight. Everyone around me on the street is a movie star because my brain fills in the faces on the blur.

    OR... he's reiterating something BASIC everyone should attach to a timer to keep rereading until it's memorized....

  3. Probably you read those paragraphs this morning somewhere where they publish the beginnings of others' posts.....

  4. Nope - more like a week ago or more. Everything before the first ****

    DeLay gets 3 years!


    Earlier in the day, Travis County prosecutor Steven Brand argued that DeLay should begin his sentence immediately.

    "He needs to go to prison, your Honor, and he needs to go today," he said.

    But DeLay's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, told the judge that the guilty verdict alone was punishment enough.

    "Tom DeLay was convicted of a felony," he said. "That alone is consequence is enough."

    "That alone is consequence is enough." WTF!

  5. This is a fascist society. Perfectly reasonable argument in a fascist society, but, I take it he actually got the three years and they hauled him off to jail, right? Frickin' fantastically light sentence for the stuff that fucker did.

  6. No!

    DeLay was immediately taken into custody, but was expected to be released after posting appeals bond.

    They'll drag this out till he's dead of natural causes. Fascism.


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