16 January 2011

i know a few of you have the 'insurance' file

[click image]


So just in case yer wondering what's up with that....

love, 99


  1. At 1.46GB there is certainly more in there than what is being discussed in the article.

  2. I don't think Assange would be foolish enough to give out the whole story... only just enough to let the bad guys really begin to worry about what he has. Seems to me there could have been a few PURELY media-conjured "events" that he has proof weren't events... and other seeeeeriously nefarious stuff... and, for SURE, there would be at least ONE person avid to get that out, or give it to be insurance for someone FINALLY this transcendentally still FUNCTIONALLY human....

  3. I love how the first comment uses the word op! Go ahead trolls change history; yet note my time and date it's time is specifically pointed out to you is right now Sun 938 2011.
    1/16/11 9:37 PM
    oh fuk. wrong thread! hahaha omfg. fix . delete
    1/16/11 9:39 PM
    or maybe leave it here so it won't be caught lol
    1/16/11 9:40 PM
    I told ya I got my server up? It's not the way I want it yet, but it's up at least . finally
    1/16/11 9:42 PM
    Both raq's use less than what I had before.
    1/16/11 9:42 PM
    I am torn though, I want debian, and I want netbsd (which won't run)
    1/16/11 9:43 PM
    3 * 6 = 180 ahh Still less than the 750 watt monster! where 6 = 1@12w 1@40w 1@??<60 watt.
    That is if there still is a web in the future.
    1/16/11 9:48 PM

    DELETE the wrong threadz pleze

  4. Greek. Yer talkin' Greek. I'm tryin' to get to bed and yer talkin' Greek again!

  5. oh hell. geen not geek

  6. I need to get a doctorate in computer geek, I know.

  7. No you need to visualize electronics and their formulas. ;o)

  8. invisible dual 20' polarized basket balls who can be absorbed, bounced, or keep travelling.

  9. this is the "out there" I been absorbing.

    Remember I told ya, a crystal in a pure vaccume in space? lol can be good or bad / dead birds / people . oh what fun it is to be on santa's good little boy and girl list.

    it's tessla tech hell yeah
    it's microwave from space via the solar cells on the platform everything works for their power, cooling, whatever....
    the beam is extremely dangerous lol

    big crystals have low freq, small have high freq

  10. The last time I was thinking that
    They probably got some retard platform spinning with the on switch on accident. j/k

    I just made that all up ?

    can't cure WNV with EMI RFI ?
    Cant set salt water on fire ?

    The last time I was thinking that the...


  11. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/julian-assange-press-conference-julius-baer-whistleblower-rudolf-elmer-begins


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