11 January 2011

i'm not getting over the latest outburst from the reprehensible snail

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To coin a phrase my sister uses to death, it "gripes my cookies" that this scummy nutrient-sliming garden pest just keeps growing out of the once righteous good offices of the SPLC. That organization has been turned into a tool for fascism. One of the nonprofits that became so famous that the bad guys came in with all kinds of money to buy off another outlet for their malign intensions.

You know I have been griping about Chris Hedges' sanctimony and the psychedelic mindfuck of calling Tea Partiers "Brown Shirts" when, whatever you think of them, they have been out there in furtherance of freedom from fascism. Well, while going after this image of the foaming snail I found that he and Hedges have been at least once out there lecturing together on an extremely DHS-friendly subject. Because people think Hedges is righteous from his many years protesting wars and badmouthing fascism, and because people still think SPLC = representing the downtrodden against downtreaders, this is a big problem for humans who want sanity to poke its head up out of this psychotic mess we are forced to call our world.

Somewhere in my bookmarks—lost in the dark fuzzy rooms of what's left of my mind for the moment—is a page full of Antiwar's Scott Horton's interviews with people about the Oklahoma City bombing. You can't listen to them without becoming certain the SPLC was not merely weighing in on domestic terrorism: THEY WERE INVOLVED IN IT. —[FOUND IT.]

But all that aside, the monster in the domestic terrorism shtick, even though hardly anyone likes skinheads, is the threat to our freedom it poses. It is the perfect tool for clamping down, and that is what the House is doing even as we speak. So we must be wary of everyone who purports to be on our side but furthers alarm in the public about domestic terrorism. Maybe it is hard for you to see the justification here, but I must impress upon you that very bad people DO take over very good organizations and either turn them completely useless for improving the world, or turn them into tools for actually helping to make things worse. The enemy preys upon everything you think is decent.

In fact, they troll for everything you think is decent so they can use it to point them toward what to coöpt. You think doing stuff like running in to attach ourselves to the Tea Party is reprehensible, consorting with the enemy, when it could have prevented assholes who don't care about any of us from doing it, and could have rendered our society already stronger against the bastards using us to pick their teeth.

I don't think Hedges is beyond redemption, but for sure Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow—as long as they keep their jobs—and Mark Potok are irretrievably poison to a better world. So you should be working on Hedges to take his head out of his ass and actively working to convince others to close their ears to the Fox News of the "left".

[I need to train myself not to try to post anything while also trying to keep up with my puttering. It really messes with the SENSE of things I'm trying to convey. I think I have now cleaned up most of the ambiguity in here....]

love, 99

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