11 January 2011

the immortality of hubris

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Is what keeps me pining for benevolent monarchy. I'd die for King Arthur. I'd do anything never to have to find evidence of capitalist fuckers again. We probably have yet to solve this because this stuff just keeps making decent people go limp with its deathlessness continuing to grind on our every dream.

love, 99


  1. Near my house, just down the road from the feed store, is a little strawberry stand. About 1 acre of strawberry plants grow in the field behind it.
    I've bought the wonderful berries from these folks on numerous occasions.

    Just the other day I was driving home from the feed store and looking over at the field I saw a guy walking along with a spraying rig on his back spraying between the rows of berry plants.

    I assume it was Roundup or some other such thing he was spraying on the weeds.

    I'll now be getting my berries from another stand about a mile down the road where I've seen them out pulling and hoeing the weeds by hand!

  2. Yuh, that would tend to put one off one's berries....


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