29 January 2011

israel wets its pants

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I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Hamas is the legitimate, duly elected, leadership of Palestine—FREEDOM FIGHTERS, not terrorists—and that al Jazeera has been stressing, like a mantra, that the Muslim Brotherhood has NOT been a leading faction in the Egyptian uprising. They are demonstrating with everyone else and NOT taking any kinds of leadership roles or even feigning them. If it is true the Rafah guards left their posts, and there's every reason to believe they have, because they have never been happy about manning them, and Palestinians are crossing into Egypt right now, and there's every reason to believe they are, it is to get FOOD so they can EAT... and medicine and building materials to keep body and soul together from the long and cruel siege by the fuckers wetting their pants in Israel right now.


Xinhua is reporting:
The interior ministry of Hamas said in a press statement emailed to reporters that its security forces in Gaza are preventing any Palestinian individual from approaching the fence of the borders with Egypt.

"The security forces are controlling the borderline between the Gaza Strip and Egypt," said the statement, which denied earlier reports saying that some Gazans infiltrated from Gaza into the Egyptian territories.
Meanwhile, the Palestinian state-run news agency Wafa reported that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had telephoned his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak.

The news agency report said that Abbas reiterated to Mubarak the Palestinian leadership's interests to keep the security of Egypt stable.
which, whether true or false, is balderdash because the Palestinian people are NOT represented by Abu Mazen... except in the fevered imaginations of some Westerners.


Some apparently are eager for the uprising to spread, particularly plebeian capitalists, but I'm staying Zen on the subject.


And SINCE we're on the subject of Egypt... and after I listen to that, I think I'm gonna chill with an old movie, again. I already watched it a couple months ago, but Tsarion insists it's chock full of blowing whistles on the mind control thing, so... it bears more scrutiny. Maybe I will doze, nap before I get up to freak out about the masses again, but it just generally feels like I should shake it out again.

love, 99

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