27 January 2011

i've been worrying about this for at least a week

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Notwithstanding the outrage over F. William Engdahl daring to suggest such a thing, this is a real possibility. I'm not getting over having been duped by the so-called Orange Revolution in Ukraine. It reminds me of when my horse kicked me in the head. She was trying to kick another horse, but got me instead, and for many years after my stomach would start trying to trade places with my liver every time I was in a corral with a loose horse. No, just because you've been kicked in the head five or six times by color and flower revolutions doesn't mean every one of them has been incited by our covert ops, but we do have to keep asking that goddam question we learned was key when we got kicked in the head in 2001. I might not have even mentioned this, because I truly am in visceral solidarity with the Egyptians and Tunisians and Yemenis and all those rising up around the world, except for my reaction to seeing ElBaradei's name keep popping up in news accounts of the Egyptian uprising.

We have been hearing about him for Mubarak's post ever since he left the IAEA. Just like we kept hearing Hillary's name for president since the day after Clinton left office. She was going to be president until they realized a black president would be even harder to dis whilst bringing hardcore fascism down around us. You know that's so. THE MEDIA ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS. Their function is to keep us in a specially-crafted consensus trance, they didn't change their tune about Hillary until their bosses decided on Obama, and then we got a veritable cosmic symphony of celebration of Martin's Dream while the McCain/Palin circus kept the bubbas busy... so we DO need to be suspicious as hell right now.

The United States DOES have armies of black ops in every country of strategic interest. That's been shown over and over and over. JSOC has been busily hiring since the advent of Genghis Ponzi Yoo's administration, so think. Find links. Pray The Guardian starts hitting the Cairo cables hard... or at least one of the sites trying to help wade through them.

... and ... just as I was about to mention my worry about whether we should not now suspect Anonymous too, I see THIS... which has made me more suspicious. Mindfuckers Rule the World. We need our own global news operation. We couldn't get it, no matter what, because they would infiltrate it and coöpt it. This. Is. NO. Fun.

love, 99

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