16 January 2011

making dubya look even dumber

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Genghis Ponzi Yoo continues to conduct the Bush Administration STARTLINGLY better than ever before.

love, 99


  1. The truth comes out...

    Of course it wasn't hard to discern.

  2. Yes. Not really news. I guess it's nice the NYT and groupthink are making it more generally known, probably the administration's feeble showing of getting even for being savaged by Israeli politicians without letup, but, pfeh, it somehow fails to excite me.

  3. The war corporatists get richer and the civilians of the independent states get deader!

    Whoo Hoo - The American Way!

  4. You're a grand old flag,
    You're a high flying flag
    And for endless wars may you wave.
    You're the emblem of
    The land I loved.
    Before to the corporates it was gave.
    Corporate hearts beat true
    as they take it from you,
    while your health and your welfare lag.
    Should your existence be forgot,
    Keep your eye on the grand old flag.

  5. I feel like burning it.


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