01 January 2011

a mind meant for fiction

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Last night my mind was gripped with a notion that Richard Holbrook was the leaker, that right as everyone was skittering around trying to pluck Julian back out of solitary confinement, they had to run in to a studio and remind us just how perfidious Holbrook had been in his life... not because he really had been that perfidious, but because he'd been trying to atone for it and they didn't want anyone knowing the leaker was pau. I know, I know, it's time for me to rent some more spy thrillers, but it came over me and I can't shake the notion that there was a guy who I'd believe could have access to everything leaked.

Nobody has explained to me how Manning would have had access to most of that stuff, from Iraq, and especially not over a quarter million State Department cables from every corner of the globe. This point keeps getting waved over with some crap about agency sharing after 9/11. That might have been enough to persuade me if he had been in Washington, DC... but it still would have been a stretch, and something I'd want checked out, but I don't think anybody's checked it out. Maybe I missed it. Has anyone, anyone, anyone put out a decent explanation for how on earth Manning could have gotten that information, if it is remotely feasible? My Hollywood nerve movie seems more plausible to me than what we are expected to believe forms the basis for this flap of planetary proportions.

Or, if we believe three million people had access to all that, what's the big deal anyway, and why hasn't anybody confirmed the veracity of that outrageous statement? Or does nobody, even in government, know? There is just too much wrong with this picture, and no wonder everyone's going off in every direction, but, well, going off in every direction instead of coming together on point serves the wrong people.

So I don't know how many more fevered imaginings will grip me, but it occurs to me to point out how much more believable it is that Holbrook was the leaker than Manning. I guess I'm just hoping Greenwald is in this tizzy with Wired to get to the kernel that rips out or upholds this Manning business... otherwise I think I might go nuts over how so much smoke is being taken for evidence.

love, 99

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