28 January 2011

mubarak addressing egypt right now

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And he does NOT seem to be conceding his dictatorship... though I'm unclear as to his physical location while addressing the nation....

He's not stepping down.

He's asking the government to step down and will designate a new one tomorrow.

[Doesn't that sound like a big improvement?]

Crowds are yelling "Down, down with Mubarak!" by way of response.

Go postal on him.


Reports coming in that Egyptians who had been watching the situation from home have hit the streets since Mubarak's address to demand he leave....


Genghis Ponzi Yoo is speaking, now, having finally taken Mubarak's call... and he says now Mubarak must take concrete steps to address the concerns of the Egyptian people. Senator Kerry said similarly from Davos. In other words, they are supporting Mubarak... just in case you were in need of a translation.

love, 99

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  1. Yesterday I saw a piece about Facebook and Twitter playing a part in organizing protests.
    Today I see Egypt disconnected everyone from the internet and shut off cell phones. That's sure to get even more people pissed off and in the streets.


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