29 January 2011

the people of egypt are back in the streets this morning

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Alexandria, Cairo, Suez... and many other cities....

Military is on the streets to guard banks and museums, etc., but says it is NOT there to fight the people. Riot police have killed some people, and badly, over the last few days, but the people are amassing yet again, right now. Families of the dead are SCREAMING for the ouster of Mubarak, not deterred, quite the opposite.

Protestors are holding up the American-made-and-supplied tear gas canisters and munitions being used against them by the riot police. Those bullets don't look rubber or rubber-coated. Nobody is satisfied with another of Mubarak's bullshit government reshuffles, notwithstanding the propaganda cranking out on TV.

Banners on tanks say: The Army Is With The People.

love, 99


  1. OT (Kind of)

    Julian Assnage interviewed on 60 Minutes this Sunday...

  2. I've been listening to al Jazeera this morning and the people are saying gangs of "thugs" are running around doing this. Those "thugs" are understood to be POLICE out of uniform and performing the function for Mubarak. There have been NO riot police on duty today, and no shooting by the military, yet something like a hundred people have been murdered and the country is UNANIMOUS that Mubarak leave, ESPECIALLY the families who have lost people to the uprising.

    Neighborhood watch committees have been formed to protect homes from the "thugs" and the military is guarding banks and museums and communications centers.

    Mubarak is going down.

  3. That's no good. I saw some photo's on the Al-Jazeera feed. So what, stay focused. Your country is occupied.

    Things get fucked when looting becomes the standard, but this isn't about criminal behavior by the mostly peaceful people in the streets.
    It's about the looting that leads people to carting off Yellow Ferrari's with a JCB, and burning down the ruling party's headquarters.

    V for Victory! Shock and Awe work for the people!


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