17 January 2011

people who clear under $900 a month have to pay $100 to do it

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And that's IF they can get it together to pay the FasTrak fees in a lump every month. Otherwise it's $120.
When drivers in Greece began refusing to pay road tolls it was seen as a bit of good-natured defiance, born of economy necessity.

When Apostolos Gletsos, mayor of Stylida, took control of a municipal bulldozer and broke his way through the barriers of a toll booth, civil disobedience took on an altogether different hue.

"What I did was within the realm of my duties to defend the legal rights of citizens. I don't regret it and would do it again," said the mayor, who was arrested and charged.

"Locals in Stylida are country people and they should be able to bypass tolls for free."

Until now Gletsos was better known for his roles in seamy TV soap operas.

But his antics on the main highway 130 miles north of Athens have turned him into a national hero as Greeks protesting against unprecedented austerity measures take "social justice" into their own hands.

Supermarkets are also being confronted by shoppers refusing to pay bills as cuts bite, recession deepens and unemployment worsens in a country that narrowly averted bankruptcy thanks to a £110bn bailout from the EU and IMF.

As many as 600,000 motorists refused to pay at toll stations over the Christmas period.

Resistance is expected to mount in the coming weeks following a landmark meeting by anti-toll campaigners in the central Greek town of Lamia tomorrow.

"Our roads should be controlled by the state, not private companies that demand exorbitant fees," said Dimitris Kodellas, a shopowner.

He regularly gets out of his car, lifts the barriers at toll booths and drives through them when he drives from Argos, his hometown in the Peloponnese, to Athens.

"At first toll station staff made a great fuss and demanded that we fill in forms, but the wave is too big for them now ... doing this saves me €14 each way.

"At a time when a lot of us are forced to get by on €600 a month that's a lot of money."
Rents in either San Francisco or Marin take up the REST of the paycheck.

So, again, maybe you want to meditate on the probity of accusing the righties stumping for this stuff to go away of being evil selfish bastards... because when they scream about "taxes", this IS part of it. They do not fall for the part where if it's called a fine or a fee or a toll that doesn't count as a tax. They don't seem to be as deceived by word games as, say, "intellectuals" who whine about only making four times more than this and start pleading for donations so they can keep their sites running....

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  1. Fines should be based on the wealth of the offender, that way they hurt equally.

  2. I think we ought to stop paying completely, rich or poor, until they close all overseas bases, all of them, everywhere.

  3. Yes they goddam do. WE don't. In any case, it would be easy enough to find out if we had an actual president to make them tote them up and report. We've been completely commandeered by oligarchs. Our "democracy" is a TOTAL ruse. Nobody groks that this will NEVER be turning around if we don't MAKE it turn around. Nobody will risk their life. Nobody will get out on the road and rally people. Nobody will risk hassles with the authorities for not paying fines, fees, tolls, mandated insurance, and whatever other hidden-in-plain-sight taxes there are. People will BLOG about it. Whoopdeefuckindoo.

    I've just wasted blankety-blank-blank-blank hours on that fuckin' DeGraw kid, only to see he's decided—SINCE all his sturm und drang and bullshit ploys have garnered him bubkes in the way of pay— to start his own "social network" for the politically-concerned.


  4. re: Nobody will risk hassles with the authorities for not paying fines, fees, tolls, mandated insurance,

    As hassles go, jail is a major one.

  5. Yeah, well, it doesn't come to jail for quite a while and when EVERYONE is doing it, no one's going to jail for it. EVEN if one did go to jail for it, isn't that better than simply tsking loudly?

    Yes. Yes. It. Is.

  6. And it's waaaaay better than creating fun new outlets for COMPLETELY INEFFECTUAL AND ACTUALLY MOTIVE-DRAINING prattle to make a buck.

  7. You buy insurance and registration for your car, yes?

  8. Yes, but would stop if others will stop with me.

  9. I got my tail in such a knot I forgot to mention how hip it is Nick Turse got on CBS. Pretty cool when the main place he publishes is at Tom Dispatch, which is blocked for federal workers.

    It must be a trick.

  10. And everybody would be boycotting insurance and registration and fines and tolls and taxes by now if a huge mob of "progressives" had not leapt up and started pissing all over Tea Partiers. FINALLY people get mad and get out there to really put the fear in 'em and, pft, fuckin' dickless liberals put a stop to it... using their inexhaustible wealth of cleverisms to uphold fascists. I know, I know, that's not what they THOUGHT they were doing. Well, I don't wanna hear ANY more bitching about what stupid tools the bubbas are. It took guts to go to Town Halls with guns. Everybody's so busy pissing their pants about that, they forget it took real heart to do that.

  11. Well, despite the sanctimony, I am proud of him for abandoning his project when he realized it was thin air.


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