15 January 2011


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I hope yer out there banging pots and pans right this very now.
Reading the cables, it is clear that their release did not cause the fall of the President—he was laying the groundwork for that himself—though it may have affected the timing. It also, perhaps, clarified the moment for the Tunisians; will it also do so for us?

It would be useful, for example, to know more about the grand jury in Virginia that is apparently pursuing criminal charges against WikiLeaks. Good for Twitter for telling a number of people that the government wanted to know their account information, prompting what is now one of my favorite Tweets of all time, from Birgitta Jónsdóttir: “do they realize i am a member of parliament in iceland?” It’s good to realize, and remember, that people, in Iceland and Tunisia and elsewhere, might actually care quite a bit how we conduct ourselves, what we ignore or try to wriggle around or condone.
Everything might actually depend on it.
love, 99

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