08 January 2011

shot in the head

[click image, MSNBC live video feed]


Out of surgery, and they are optimistic she will live. The bullet went through her brain and out. She was last noted to be following instructions... meaning, I suppose, that she's not so brain damaged as to not know what people are saying.

May the buddhas of the ten directions take note that for as awful as this is, if it is the start of the revolution, it's about time.

A nine-year-old girl was killed in the shooting. Not exactly the way to go... to use understatement for shock value.

People are griping that they want the football coverage instead of this. Also not exactly the way to start a revolution.

There is speculation that Judge Roll, who made rulings favorable to immigrants, may have been the target:
At least five individuals, including Federal District Chief Judge John Roll and a 9-year-old girl, were killed in the attack, law enforcement sources said.
And, seriously, people are calling the local station [KVOA] whose feed is coming out over MSNBC to gripe about the football game. They've promised to show the game in a box on the screen, but to do their "civic duty" and stay on this story, game or no game.

1:50pm... I guess they cut to the game... civic duty being ancillary an' all....
love, 99


  1. http://giffords.house.gov/2011/01/us-rep-gabrielle-giffords-to-host-first-congress-on-your-corner-of-the-year-on-saturday.shtml

    It seems she is one of the "better guys".

    (Not convinced any of the lot are "Good Guys")

  2. She's certainly being made out to look that way, but I'm getting SICK of people talking as though her interfacing with her constituency was some kind of above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty representing. Fuck. This country is PATHETIC.

  3. And there IS an uproar over the loss of the playoffs on that station. It shows she has not been better-enough by a long shot, and that people SERIOUSLY don't give a fuck about the assholes in government. They better START giving a fuck or we're dead.

  4. Somebody needs to shoot the football!


    They're probably REALLY howling now that we have to keep staring at the empty presidential dais....

  6. Oh, now he's on. Better not going to be declaring martial law....

  7. Oh, good. It was short and stupid, not worth attention.

  8. Oh, good. It was short and stupid, not worth attention.

    Glad I missed it.

  9. Yes, like we all have know that he and Michelle are praying for all the victims and their loved ones... and like they're really even doing that. Just going to send me screaming naked off my cliff again one of these times.

  10. Yep, my local congresscritter did this and I've been to a few to ask him WTF but I doubt he'll be doing any more soon to bad.
    Yes she is one of the good ones and there's not many, but it ok because the shooter was white so and she's one of those liberals, the spin will be great on hate radio/tv as they run for cover. We all knew this was coming and it will only get worst, how sad this is what Amerika has be come. Good thoughts to her family and the other involved.

  11. The best of them should be shot... not like this, but lined up and shot. I hope it wasn't this fucking partisan CIRCUS, being bull-horned to a deafening pitch by both sides FOR the advantage of the sociopathic elite, that brought this about. I hope it was a kid who has had it with the evil and just lashed out at his local potentates because they were all he could get to. I feel that this might be so because I think the Judge was a big time Republican.

    Yes, I feel badly for all the pain and loss, EVEN for the awful people who may have been involved, but I hope it was a kid shooting at the henchmen for the most evil people alive.

  12. I mean, since it happened, I hope it was motivated that way.

    We all want peace and nonviolence, but it's not happening. It's not even CLOSE to happening, and I sincerely doubt it ever CAN happen without some serious, serious violence. WHY would those fuckers give up their bottomless wells of wealth and power without being utterly terrified for their very lives? They wouldn't. And people like Gabby, town halls and all, are the ones who serve that up on a plate. They don't get to keep their jobs if they don't serve it up on a plate. Anyone who runs again after they've gotten in and SEEN, is 100% accountable.

  13. “When you look at unbalanced people, how they respond to the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government. The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous,” the sheriff said. “And unfortunately, Arizona I think has become the capital. We have become the mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”

    I must agree.

    Then they have to throw in the obligatory "He smoked pot .... And he wasn't too keen on religion....

  14. Dang it, my screen refreshed just as I was trying to add a closing quotation mark and it made me hit Post instead!

  15. Then at Raw Story we have the headline [Loughner] read Marx, Hitler, Harper Lee.

    My first thought was doesn't everybody read To Kill a Mockingbird.
    I had always thought that was Harper's only writing. It turns out she also wrote several essays for various magazines.

  16. "We all want peace and nonviolence, but it's not happening. It's not even CLOSE to happening, and I sincerely doubt it ever CAN happen without some serious, serious violence. WHY would those fuckers give up their bottomless wells of wealth and power without being utterly terrified for their very lives? They wouldn't."

    Spot on.

    And another thought..
    Al: (Reading off the paper, to the john) Barnett Robinson.
    john: That's who to notify if this thing goes wrong.
    Al: Yeah, I've got it right here.
    (Johnny comes into the room, followed by the Doc. Doc walks over to the john and crouches down next to him.)
    Doc: How you doin', Trixie?
    Trixie: I told him don't beat on me, Doc!
    Al: (To Trixie) No one asked for your version!
    Trixie: (Very upset) I robbed him and then he started in beatin' on me. And I didn't rob you.
    john: (Mumbling to the Doc) I don't remember.
    Trixie: I didn't, goddamnit!
    john: (Pointing at his wounds) Ah, she shot me right in the head.
    Doc: (To the john) D-D-D-D-Don't. Don't put your fingers in it.
    john: Ah, ah, yeah, is it bad, Doc?
    Doc: Shhh, shhh, shhh.
    (labored breathing) (The john stops breathing.)
    Al: (To Dan) Get the Chinaman!
    Doc: Sure would like to know how he lasted for 20 minutes shot straight through the brain.
    Al: So prospect in him, 'til Dan brings the Chinaman.
    Doc: Do you mind if I take him to my place?
    Al: Sure. Johnny, help the Doc with this guy. (To Dan) Bring the Chinaman to the Doc's.
    Johnny: I'll bring that sled right in, Doc.
    Al: Doc, you drink free today. And I hope any word of this would keep the gun out of the whore's hand.
    Doc: That wouldn't come from me.
    Al: Bastard did himself in.
    (Al grabs Trixie roughly and pulls her to her feet.)
    Al: (To Trixie) Come here.
    Trixie: (To Al) I said to stop.
    Al: (To Trixie) Tell me in my office. (To Johnny, who has returned with the sled)
    Get the gimp to clean this place up.
    (Doc sticks a thin probe completely through the john's head, temple to temple. Johnny sees the probing.)
    Johnny: (Disgusted) Aww, Doc!
    Doc: You know there's something peculiar about this man's cerebral setup where they can just write off the forebrain as being the center of thought and speech.
    Johnny: Let's just get him on the sled.
    Doc: (Smiling just a little) Of course it ah... won't matter to Mr. Wu's pigs.

  17. BB2, I think you were too tired.


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