14 January 2011

sun worshippers take note

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This issue just keeps popping up in my doctoral studies. Lucky for me, and all those working for advanced degrees in Out There, someone's been trying to keep track of it on YouTube.

love, 99


  1. Yuh, and....

    At least Tunisians don't let this paranoia-inducing crap keep them down....

  2. Another one too... Sheesh!

    I just found this: Project Gulf Impact

  3. Saw that already. Not paying much attention because the horror is playing out pretty much as I already knew it would play out. Until we overthrow the fuckers in charge, there's nothing to be done about it. If I can't do anything about it but keep screaming and whining and furiously linking shit, well, it is really only noisily ignoring it....

    It breaks my heart, but everyone down there should MOVE. That way some of them will live. And the rest of us better hope the toxins don't reach us any more acutely than the generally poisoned atmosphere.

    I've been thinking maybe I was too quick to dis the Mars colonization idea. :o[

  4. Hope everyone can swim...

    The article here is missing the map which it had in the print edition - central valley from north of Chico to beyond Kettleman City one big lake!

  5. Next time it starts raining hard I will put on a life vest.... I can swim, only a couple feet below the surface. Getting up for air starts getting way too hard way too fast. Flunked lifesaving in PE because of it. Goddam humorless teachers didn't cotton to any of us whose lives were gonna need saving. Nossir. I'm good on terra firma, but some people just are never satisfied.

  6. Thats one of the sites my goofy neighbors would go to when they were frantic about planet x passing by the earth. They spent everything they had building concrete geodesic domes to prepare for the catastrophe...

  7. Maybe your neighbors weren't so goofy. Maybe they just had their timing wrong.... Or, it's total hooey... but it's shown up across Out There fairly frequently lately and so merits mention... NOT as gospel, but just as part of yanking our minds back open.

  8. Oh I'd say on the goofy meter they pretty much peg it out. Really nice people though, just a little crazy. Just for a little perspective the topics of conversation are.

    The Grey's (aliens)


    they haven't mentioned planet x since the armagedon date came and went though.

    On million ninga's in china they are good guys.

    The free Mason's

    Gargoyles that live in the earth and actually run things.

    The weather control station in alaska.

    Sylph's that live in the air and help to clean things up.

    curing through computer imagery

    anything to do with nano technology and electro-magnetics. Which I have a funny story about.

    rfid chips in quarters

    glass containers with copper filings and chrystals to keep away the bad guys.

    They like David Icke by the way, maybe if your in the area I'll introduce you.

    You know those sguiggles that get caught in photos, they call them orbs they are angles.

    I know there's way more but cant recall it all, I should make a list. Of course alot of it has truth mixed in with it. Thats why I think it's all to discredit reality based truth seekers, that sound ignorant arrogant and snobish but...so what...

    Of course they are on board with everything from 911 to the Illuminate, so mix in the above and no one wants to here it.

    Like I say though they are really nice and I have to give them a pass, they grew up in Europe during the fifties and have relatives that got mowed down by the Nazis so...PTSD central really.

  9. Well, it's very nice of you to be their friend despite all their eccentricities. That's definitely part of my big point. No matter what beliefs people hold, they're still people, NOT enemies... and when you listen you find that they are very often dealing with the same things you are, for the same reasons, and the only real difference is approach.


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