05 January 2011

tonight in out there we have the case for antigravity

[click image, video, two hours]


I could use some. Not in an escapist way. In a lightness way.

love, 99


  1. There is no such thing as gravity-

    The Earth SUCKS!

  2. Speaking of gravity...

    Clueless: "In short, oceanic tides are caused by the moon's rotation around the earth, with inertia and gravity causing a sea swell as it passes. Scientists have measured the phenomenon in great detail, documenting two distinct tidal bulges that circle the earth as the moon sweeps around it."


    No... That would be due to the earths rotation you idiot! The moons rotation around the earth only determines the time at which low and high tides occur.


  3. That comment belongs in the paid celebrity propagandist post below... but I remember being told by a teacher that the moon controlled the tides. I also remember NOT being corrected when I mentioned — referring to "shooting stars" — it was pretty amazing to be watching stars blaze out millions of years after the event. Nobody mentioned what a dopy thought that was until about five years ago! Because of my high class education, I have had a lot of unlearning to do. Granted, a great deal was either not believed to begin with or unlearned really early, but for DECADES I thought shooting stars and meteor showers were two different things! I mean, MAYBE my teacher was thinking I was referring to novae, but maybe he didn't know either.

    And RawStory publishing that for people to deride is the exact shit I was talking about with the post about Arianna getting caught with political consultants' scheming about a "Democratic Drudge". THEN you have the other outposts of groupthink who either started with the same backing, gathered it on the way, or are bull-horning this crap loudly to draw that attention, and the financial backing and party prestige that comes with it. They are POISON.

  4. THEN you have all the moaning and whining "progressives" who whimper about Democratic-Fascists not being as smart about their interface with the public as the Republican-Fascists, starting their little galaxies of nonprofit good cause sites and jumping on the airwaves to talk about what a long haul it is going to be to get the government to stop torturing or give us back the constitution or to stop mauling us at airports or irradiating us on the streets or to GET OUT OF ALL THESE WARS or to do something about global warming... EVERYBODY IS SCHEMING ON HOW TO MAKE A BUCK OFF THE MASS EXTINCTION EVENT THAT IS OUR WORLD.

    ONE guy — Assange — is actually addressing the problems.

    So lafin has a POINT about the sucking thing... even though DEPRESSION over the suckitude is a goddam copout, a lame, spoiled bratty, ungrateful ... response to this mess.


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