13 January 2011

tonight in out there

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A very recent interview with Michael Tsarion.

I should think about not including him in my Out There posts anymore because here he is again, urging us to consider the term "light" in spiritual contexts not as meaning illumination but as it pertains to weight. You probably don't know anything about this, but I do. This point shows incredible depth of insight. So many people—and new agers are the worst with this—just seem utterly incapable of looking into the deep nuances in linguistic forms. So many of the terms have little galaxies of meaning all stuffed into them and then in combinations they open into universes.... But no. Much easier to hold the cross of "empiricism" in front of oneself, having NO inclination about how puny what people call "empiricism" actually is, making a jackass of oneself before the buddhas of the ten directions, believing oneself superior throughout. It's pathetic... ludicrous, in fact... until you stop and look.


If yer filling up yer insomnia with this stuff, Graham Hancock could keep you company....

love, 99

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