18 January 2011

trying to become more familiar with the dreaded haarp demon

[click image, video, hour and twenty minutes]


Something in me kicks about having to try to wrap my head around this stuff, but it keeps seeming that I ought to get a little not-hysterical, not-superstitious, just plain old down-to-earth input on what the hell HAARP is about. [1] Wanting to mess with the ionosphere seems utterly psychotic to me. No one would entertain the notion. So that's got me not paying attention right there. [2] Electronics geeks, radio heads, sweaty boys with bits of wire and knobs and things that blow up or burn are known to exist but do not merit thinking about because I always beat them at the science fairs and they were always oblivious to it because not even entering their work for consideration dragged them up from their obsessive involvement in it. Weird. They're over there in the dark space of tolerated existence I just completely ignore. But [3] it seems I made a bad slip in my parsing of existence rights back in, oh, fourth or fifth grade because those sweaty obsessives I felt could safely stay sweating obsessively with their gizmos have not been harmless and seem to be the very psychotics who entertain the notion no one would ever entertain.

Had I disallowed their existence, or sweetly lost to their grotesque contraptions—because, let's face it, they probably did notice I whupped their asses but were too mean to show it—I wouldn't be faced with this crap now.

There's also a whole book on it you can download... [if you jump through hoops, but you can read it online if you wait for it all to load].

Just from keeping half an ear on Begich's thing here, I can tell why certain not-insane people think it's causing earthquakes and freakish weather and pockets of massive die-offs of various critters. I'll try to listen again with the other half, but, well, you can't expect me to get over a lifetime of no time for this shit perfectly seamlessly. That's just too damn Zen.

love, 99


  1. http://www.scribd.com/doc/533366/Angels-Dont-Play-This-HAARP-Advances-in-Tesla-Technology-Manning-Begich

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    Furthermore ignoring all the above, page 4 to end is blank.


  2. Well, shit. I didn't try to download it yet, but the whole book IS there on the page. You have to wait for it to load. And sorry the system marked you spam. It seems any time someone, especially not signed in anonymous posts, leads with a link it does that... and then, of course, at whim as usual, not-anonymous or not.

  3. Considering they are spraying this morning East / South East of Sacramento, I really wish I could have read this book, I still only get to page 4 and the rest of the book is blank. On the other hand, I know it's happening, and don't really need a book to tell me. The problem is I don't know WHAT is happening.


  4. Hey the fucking book is UP now, I just checked!


  5. HAHAHA I had to upload my own works first!

  6. Okay to get this book I will make a tutorial.

  7. Don't go straight to the book!

    1. Go to http://www.scribd.com .
    2. Click on Account or New Account.
    3. On the top right, left-click on Sign up.
    4. left-click on "I don't have a Facekook account"
    5. left-click on the check box "send me the scribd news*"
    6. http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html
    cut and past the email in the email
    7. make a random generated name, past it in
    (STOP: Make sure it's available in GREEN!!!)
    8. make a random generated password, paste it in
    9. left-click sign up
    10. copy and paste
    11. let it load a bit. ;o)
    12. left-click the X on the pop-up readcast ad
    13. let it load a bit. ;o)
    14. Find the GREEN button in the scribd tool bar at the bottom of the page and left-click it.
    15. A pop up screen should have happened if not, your blocking something, java, javascript, flash, silverlight, cidr's, firewall, no-script whatever your the problem, fix it!
    16. Click Download now.
    17. if you get the download, your done.
    18. If not.
    19. Click the blue Upload Button
    20. Paste this in to a text file
    "The FCC's mission statement,

    "Under the Communications Act of 1934, the FCC is charged with
    allocating spectrum space to maximize the public interest,
    convenience, or necessity. The Communications Act and its revisions
    mandate promotion of the public interest, and thus the encouragement
    of a diversity of voices so as to promote a vibrant democracy."


    * Since 1975 the number of media outlets has indeed increased, but at
    the same time, ownership has become more concentrated, and today there
    is less diversity of opinion - and less diversity of news sources -
    than in 1975.

    * The increased market power of a sharply declining number of
    corporate voices has led to negative externalities as well, with media
    conglomerates stressing profit maximization over concerns of localism
    and diversity.

    * There are synergies between broadcast television and newspaper
    ownership that are not in the public interest. A local television
    station owned by a newspaper can simply televise a summary of the
    paper's content, offering no benefits to the consumer, yet it will
    still be able to dominate the local political and cultural discourse.

    * 2011 Comcast and GE now UNIVERSAL and MSNBC

    * 2010 AT&T and NSA (I'm leaning towards trusting the NSA)

    * 2010 FCC tries to take over net neutrality and get's bitch slapped

    * 2011 FCC now somehow mysterious has the authority to regulate the

    21. Hit upload, then it will accept it.
    22. Then repeat the process and when you get to the brown button select either pdf, or txt.
    23. I guess you can keep getting books this way for 30 days.
    24. I hate to think how painful it would be to tie my paypal to this. ;o) just saying, God bless scribd, and people who add to it.


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