09 January 2011

a week of congressperson shooting legislation

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This CANNOT be good.
Eric Cantor

All legislation currently scheduled to be considered by the House of Representatives next week is being postponed so that we can take whatever actions may be necessary in light of today’s tragedy. Further information relating to a revised House schedule will be released tomorrow.

Steny Hoyer

The Republican leadership has announced, in consultation with Democratic leadership, that there will be no legislative action in the House next week that does not relate to today's tragic event in Arizona. Consideration of Health Care Repeal legislation has been postponed to a later time. We are all keeping the victims and their families in our prayers.
John Boehner

In a brief statement Sunday morning, the newly sworn speaker said flags on the House side of the Capitol in Washington will be flown at half staff to honor Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' slain aide, Gabe Zimmerman. Thirty-year-old Zimmerman was among six killed Saturday in a Tucson, Ariz., shooting rampage that left the Democratic congresswoman among 13 wounded.

Boehner says normal House business this week is postponed to focus on any necessary actions in the shooting aftermath.

Earlier, misreading the short AP bit on the wire, I had thought Boehner's statement was undoing the little pact it seems the Democratic-Fascists brought up with the Republican-Fascists, but upon closer scrutiny, no, the coming week will be spent legislating about... about what? About adding some penalties to shooting public officials? About outfitting legislators with S.W.A.T. teams? About gun control? About hauling off to Gitmo anyone carrying within a mile from a "public servant"? About metal detectors and pat-downs in shopping malls? Nullifying the Constitution?

I told you I don't like this, and after some thought, I don't even believe the kid knew what he was doing. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if he did ANYTHING at all. Sorry, but too much too ugly flew right up into our faces as though it had been well-planned. I hope to hell anyone near D.C. or anyone who can get near D.C. goes in and starts screaming bloody murder over any and all of this.

Or... just jump in and keep swimming until you drown....


Monster creep-out:

[click image — I took this screen shot because I don't know how long this page can be expected to show the same information....]

I know some smartass at Giffords' office might have subscribed her to Loughner's channel, and I don't get why her age is listed as 27 either, but this seems to me to be only more evidence that something is outright obscenely wrong with this picture. I want also to take this opportunity to remind everyone that these days we need to be thinking about taking screen shots and backing up information we find online. The disinhibition about yanking stuff that conflicts with the party line is complete.


13 January 2011:

Yep. Finding a link to this video reminded me to check this and Classitup10 is no longer friended by Gabby Giffords on YouTube. Also, all the comments, etc, on Loughner's purported page are taken down as well, but the page is still there.

love, 99


  1. Yep, security for them nothing for us, no jobs and on. This sad event will lead to what you said and will wall dc more than they are already. This isn't much of a problem because they really don't need us any more now that corp. are citizens and will be the only one voting in the future because we all know that the serfs don't know what's good for them.

  2. I'm still flogging myself for being so creeped out about all of this. It's so blatant as to be stuff I could sit down and predict if I would but clear my busybody mind and listen to my true mind. I have been screaming about it for so long that it would HAVE to be a big so-what? to me now, wouldn't it? Is it some sick indulgence that I keep powderizing myself over this stuff? How can my Zen be right here and nowhere at all simultaneously?

    I feel as though I should dig up that old Parenti lecture on fascism again, spread it all over the tubes, see if there is YET a single person who will HEED me and actually DO something about it!

  3. I'm thinking a lot of this for the GOP is damage control and of course how they can spin it to take more of our rights away. We still have a couple don't we? Anything is possible at this point but I'm thinking with all the vitriol spewing from the talking heads, Palin, the religious Roberts of the world and seeing how misinformed they're followers are. It just seems this was inevitable. I also see things like this as a tipping point. I think it likely we will see more of this kinda like school shootings, they seem to happen in clusters. Although this isn't that different from the guy who flew into the IRS building so maybe it will be isolated.

  4. Yes. I think we had the right to use colorful speech against persons in government until a few days from now.

    You are such a dear, Doug, I don't think it's fully dawned on you yet that the PDA and the GOP are sides to one coin. It's counterfeit.

    And I don't think this will happen in clusters unless they don't get all the legislation they want out of this one.

    I think this massacre was designed to herald in a new diffident bipartisanship in government and to keep us from fomenting revolution over it. The Republicans need a way to keep Obamacare, mandatory coverage, in place, while only ripping out anything that was yet too poor-person-friendly in that piece of trash, and perpetuate other administrative travesties, while somehow taming the Tea Party. Just plain deepening the fascist shift all around.

    I don't think this kid was even holding a gun until after everyone was shot. He's just like all those poor demented Muslim kids they have been setting up to take falls for the past five or seven years. A patsy. A patsy they decided to let "succeed"... not even the quasi-success of the poor doped underwear bomber, but full bore.

    The rank and file Republicans are not our enemies. Groupthink and a very wealthy and powerful few are our enemies.

  5. PDA??

    personal digital assistant...?

    Parenteral Drug Association...?

    Pigs dont ask....???

    Police Dept. of Arizona??

  6. Progressive Democrats of America

    Purposely Dim Assholes

  7. Ah, in that case I do understand they are the same coin bought and payed for by the same people, putting on a fake show of differences so we the sheeple think there is actually legitimate debate going on and that they are trying to represent us. But I also know the the GOP Tea Party etc has been more out spoken when it comes to using violent lingo. And the vast majority of America is comprised of Moronic Parrots puking out the days talking points without even understanding them. So Im not on board yet that this guy is a patsy and not just plain fucking nuts. My only point regardless of whether this guy was a patsy or nuts though is that I dont believe the GOP is doing this for the sake of grieving or shock but mearly to keep their ducks in a row. There is miles of audio and video spewing how hateful these people have become. Christ just read the comments after any mainstream blog. So like school shootings one inspires someone else of like mind to do the same.... of course I could be completely full of shit.

  8. Don't mind me. I just think he could be a patsy because it serves both branches of the Fascist Party to a tee. He was EASILY identifiable as a good patsy. All kinds of law enforcement knew about him well in advance, and in fact he had made himself known to Gabby three years ago. He is the PERFECT candidate for such a thing, and really easy to program to do it, especially with his "lucid dreaming" gig. The ONLY downside for the politicos is it puts a big blot on Palin, and Obama wants badly to run against her.

    And, I hope you will pardon me if I don't find the violent rhetoric that offensive in current conditions. If it were merely little domestic squabbles, wedge issues, at stake, I'd be pretty alarmed, but we have been ripped off to the tune of trillions of dollars by corrupt bastards who are FULLY SUPPORTED by the president and we are enriching a bunch of other corrupt bastards with the wars and bases all over the globe. Not only are too many of us homeless and hungry and jobless and fixin' to die in the gutter, but they're sending all our jobs overseas. AND THEY HAVE US IN DEBT WE CANNOT EVER, EVER, EVER REPAY, WHICH MEANS WE ARE ALL DEBT SLAVES AND THE MORE OF US DYING IN THE GUTTER, THE MORE DEBT FOR THE SURVIVORS.

    Getting white hot mad and packing a gun and screaming violent rhetoric is the LEAST we can do!

  9. I mean it.

    This week will be full of legislation that will make just about everything the Tea Party, or ANYONE unhappy with government, does ILLEGAL. The Republicans needed this VERY badly or they would have had the Tea Party go postal on them when they DON'T repeal the mandatory medical coverage and other huge offenses to Americans of any stripe.


  10. "And, I hope you will pardon me if I don't find the violent rhetoric that offensive in current conditions."

    OK your pardoned...

    It isn't the rhetoric that bothers me so much as the sources that its coming from that are doing everything they can to help us forever slip into fascism. I don't have a problem with revolution if it comes from a well informed public. We do not have that in the least. Misinformed people doing random acts of violence will only speed up our demise. The Glen Becks and Sarah Palins etc. want us to lose our cool in the wrong direction, they are after all allowed a voice in the media thus they are part of the plan or at least serve the desired purpose.

  11. Oh, I do certainly read you loud and clear, and I'm right there with you on that, but the PEOPLE they are inciting are not assholes. They are righteously mad as hell and being led by the wrong people. NO ONE "progressive" has the balls to lead them with the truth and into effectiveness, a decent future. That is my major gripe about all these "progressive" pontificating FUCKERS who dis the Tea Party as "Brown Shirts" when that's just psychedelically wrong and covers for their Vichy collaboration with the enemy.


  12. If yer still paying attention, here, you might "enjoy" listening to THIS. It is a seriously smart man, who knows his stuff, talking about the history of banking and it REALLY gives one some insight into the trouble we're in now.

  13. For posterity, THIS LINK [mp3] will probably do a better job of getting straight to it.

  14. I'll have to listen to it tomorrow, I gotta get my arse to bed. Thanks for the link.



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