20 January 2011

we're all jackasses on climate change

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Beside cleaning up our act being turned into a wedge issue so we will continue to slime the planet until the humans of Earth go extinct, having dragged countless other species with us, everyone on both sides continues to ignore that we will never be able to do anything about it, one way or the other, as long as we allow those in control to control. And I don't mean you can vote them out... or in.

People persist in bleating about peak oil when, in fact, we also have no idea of the veracity of such a claim. Maybe we can postulate that what we know about seems to be drying up, but that excludes the abiotic oil theory that really does have merit and some recent maybe-not-completely-persuasive evidence to back it up. And it ignores the irrefutable fact that the use of hydrocarbons must be curtailed to the greatest extent conceivable whether or not we're running out of it. It's filthy. There is NO doubt it hurts living things.

People identify themselves with this wedge issue, just like they do with abortion and guns and gay marriage and God. We have seen countless times how damaging to effectiveness this identification unerringly is. We have experienced the utter defeat of our very best wishes for humanity and for the planet over and over and over and over and over BECAUSE we have allowed ourselves to be divided from our fellows by our own psychological need to line up behind those who seem to be our fellows. The controllers, the power elite, the space lizards have been using it on us for centuries and it's bulletproof.

Don't be a jackass! You don't KNOW if global warming is anthropogenic, and some of the bogus science that has popped up to take advantage of the increased funding for coming up with a good model to prove it has actually set back any ability to ever prove it. There are legions of extremely intelligent and loving people who INSIST all the planets in the Solar System are warming. I repeat: You don't KNOW. And neither do the deniers. They know that this stuff is being pushed hard by those whose mission in life it is to enslave us. They have UTTERLY no evidence that it is a ruse concocted solely to squeeze more "taxes" out of us, but they are NOT going to think of another thing for the rest of their lives until the threat and reality of ever-increasing taxation and mandatory expenses is GONE.


Everyone knows we are poisoning the planet and ourselves. Nobody disagrees on that. The only disagreement comes in over the expense of turning that around, and THEN we get right back to shit-slinging for fun and profit over THAT.

You're a selfish venal evil fuck to begrudge the money to clean this up! No, no, YOU are the selfish candy-ass airy-fairy evil fuck to begrudge me and mine the ability to EAT!

You will never be free as long as you can't stop making the same mistakes. You have no business denigrating anyone on the other side when you are every bit as guilty as they are, and when you can be shown over and over and over and over the error of your ways and STILL you prefer continuing to err—and whining that you have no choice—to facing the goddam monster inside who you would rather the planet turn into a ball of cyanide than ever face.

If you wonder how I can like Michael Tsarion going on about energy vampires and the pernicious effects of the "we" mentality, it is because I can see it is his way of urging you to DROP your addiction to forming an identity around the pace setters of consensus trance. You are hotly engaged in contributing to your own helpless hypnosis for as long as you cannot BREAK that vicious cycle, as long as you continue to surf that evil tide.

love, 99

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