01 February 2011

9/11 cables finally being published

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I can't get into it until I get some urgent chores behind me, but I figgered you'd want the hedzup....

One other point: the fact that the government was asking newspapers precisely which cables they’d publish makes me wonder whether they didn’t have — and may still not have, though given the numbers of copies floating around I suspect they now know — a clear idea of which cables were included in the document dump. Geoff Morrell’s press conference last week made it clear that they still only consider Bradley Manning a person of interest in the leak of the larger dump, meaning that if he leaked them, they haven’t identified how he did so. But is it possible that — at least in November — they didn’t even know what cables were included in the dump?
Let that sink in.

love, 99


  1. Heh... I know... JUST what we all wanted....


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