01 February 2011

the akhenaten metaphor — oh, at least triple-entendre

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This monumental work of investigative journalism has completely slipped your mind, hasn't it?

The disciples of this psychotic pharaoh spend all their time making sure that it does. If you had been listening to all the Tsarion stuff I have been linking—and HERE is today's—you would know the full and backasswards outrageousness of Obama comparing himself to Akhenaten.

It's kind of horrifying to learn that the most beautiful Egyptian antiquities are sculptures of Akhenaten—who, it seems, was quite lovelier than Obama, though there is a resemblance—because many scholars are dirt positive Akhenaten, the leader of a sun cult, was the historical entity upon whom the Moses myth was based, and the Exodus was not bad people chasing out the wretched, but Egypt evicting their psychopath pharaoh and his wealthy followers. Kicked out of Egypt, they would go on to start slaughtering Druids wholesale, coöpting and corrupting their teachings to form the basis of Christianity. This might sound fantastical to you, but the scholars who have put forth this interpretation of history have provided us with tomes full of references and cogently explained why, even now, our understanding of our own history is such a despicable jumble of nonsense. But you wouldn't have any idea of that because you don't do wuwu.

Akhenaten was SUCH a narcissistic sociopath that he had people killed for not worshiping and paying tribute to him. It never even entered his mind to have a care for how resentful people might become as a consequence of his divine entitlement. It did not sink in even after he was driven out of Egypt. He decided that instead of Egypt, chosen as he was, it would be the world.

So Akhenaten's face is THE masthead for current events, no? Yes.

It crosses my mind that all the portraits of him are so gorgeous, not because this is what he looked like, but because the artists were afraid to render him truly... just a thought... I mean, who is that good looking?

I'm using this lightning bolt of an example to shock you out from under that little mound of sleeping powder with your name on it. These people are highly advanced in the art of mindfucking. It serves them! You cannot fight them while you are napping in a tub of fluoridated suds; being mesmerized by the flicker rate on your TV; having what's left of your sensibility assaulted ceaselessly, every day, every hour by outrageous and terrifying bits of information; fighting the jackasses on "the other side" of whatever wedge issue you pick; all the rest that is done DELIBERATELY to you so that you find you have NO vitality to even feign the courage and dignity the Egyptians are again displaying, and this time in the eyes of everyone on earth.

I wonder sometimes if I would not have a more salutary effect on sentient beings if I just confined myself to posts about knitting or Origami. I keep trying to give you ways to get some space in there to regain the helm, to counteract the soporific effects of the unremitting blare of light blindness. You're too wiped for it.

love, 99

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  1. Now it is getting ugly...

    And something about Anderson Cooper being assaulted - story due at Raw Story soon...


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