06 February 2011

another meditation

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I may have linked the first hour in this playlist a while back. It's Henrik interviewing Jordan, and Jordan may have gone permanently cantankerous. What a guy. He's always been all over the map and I can hang with that because he keeps looking. He has inspired and/or helped quite a few brilliant people in his day, and I can't say I'm one of the inspired, because he seems to me always to be mixing so much poppycock with the profound, and I'm sure part of my problem is my own mental conditioning, but I'm also sure part of it is his failures in communication. Anyway, I have been listening to the rest of this interview for the past couple hours, and he is just beside himself angry with the meatheads running around posing as sentient beings.

He's not alone.

It's actually fashionable.

It's a waste of breath, a waste of brain space, an indulgence, beside the point, and I hope this is only him blowing off steam from the mountains of insults heaped upon him in certain quadrants of cyberspace. I'm a little worried because, honestly, this can't be anything new to him. He's seventy years old. He should be serene amidst the shit slinging by now, after fifty years of doing this. But, yikes, he's not. This isn't the only interview he's filled up with mostly ranting and repeating himself, ad nauseam, and I'm worrying that this is the herald of dementia.

If it is not, here is a man who has spent his whole life glued to wonderful things to contemplate, divining important bits from arcana and riveting people with the retelling of both ancient wisdom and his insights from it, and he hasn't gotten further in his spiritual work than this? Truly now, there is cause for alarm.

If he spent half as much time talking about the nuts and bolts of his researches as he does about how stupid and useless and debauched Americans are, we might not be so stupid and useless and debauched! Or even if we still were, fewer of us would be. He can't not know that. How can he have spent all this time on it and not have seen at least that much? I mean, I feel for him. I do. I have been that way about learning things ever since I got out of school. I was never as keen on studying then as I have been since... although... you know, I think the tubes has jumbled this up, inhibited it harshly on one end, while expanding it amazingly on the other. I maybe need to go sit on a stump at the beach for a day or two and see if I can't devise an approach that balances this better.

We need to seriously assess how much we are losing in our gains here. I don't think any one of us, let alone all mankind, can afford to do the usual level of learning everything the hard way with this. I don't think all you frustration addicts out there should be so judgmental about all the Out There stuff I try to bring to the table. I'm trying to help you unhook from the great mesmerism you maybe even think isn't working on you. But it IS. Keeping you nonstop appalled is the lock on your consciousness needed to keep you weak.

Weak. Yes, yes, "knowledge is power". Right? Well, misters and mizzes, where's yer fuckin' power? What have you got that can't be ripped away? What have you given that can't be ripped away? How much better is the world for your access to all this information? Why is absolutely every comments thread at all the greatest sites riddled with so much drivel you can't keep reading or you'll have to go dive into a vat of boiling oil? I know, I know, I'm probably more burnt out on this particular feature of the intertubes than most, having had to pay attention to it for too long, but, even so, it's at least 95% crap out there, and I'm being generous.

Is that because we're as moronic as Jordan says? Or is it because we are too bombarded with inputs to function right? I have trouble with this. I have had trouble with this my whole life. I can't help my IQ and I've never had another one. I know most people are stuck down where the atmosphere is thicker and I don't know how to pull them out. Be that as it may, I can tell where their intent is, where their hopes are, and by far the most of them want good things for everyone, so what is the deal here? Where's the rub? Where's the beef?

If you can recognize your own ineffectuality and realize your own disinclination to change anything in your life for real, doesn't this alarm you? Do you want to come sit next to me on that stump?

love, 99

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