04 February 2011

food, it's about food

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Everyone in the world has been hypnotized with the glories of democracy [code for fascism] and they think they can get FOOD if they take the power away from privileged despots. In Egypt, "the opposition" isn't actually opposed at all. They are so close to the edge of death from starvation they can be bought in their millions, and even those who are not bought to oppose their countrymen have NO choice but to fight the upheaval because it is depriving them of the almost nothing they had before.

Just contemplate for a moment the difficulty of dieting. Now multiply that by millions.

Commodity speculators are cornering the market on FOOD and holding it to drive up prices. Just like, say, the gold and silver speculators. We're being driven out of our homes and starved by people making money on money. Since we no longer have the industrial base to generate the revenue to cover our spending, those who are able have turned to speculation to keep generating income and this is increasing the abjection of those who are NOT able. And it isn't just people here who are being affected. They're all over the world. They are dying of starvation and they are rioting in the streets.

Meanwhile, we're busy sniping at each other, literally and figuratively, when we're all basically upset about the same things, but just such well-trained monkeys we think style differences are the mark of the beast. This sniping serves ONE demographic, the one creating global famine....

Right click to download large pdf of UN standard excuses re food and agriculture....

love, 99


  1. The only good thing about Reagan was his love for Jelly Bellies.


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