04 February 2011

i do not doubt it

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Except Mubarak isn't taking it lying down. I look for him to be assassinated very soon. This repeated unleashing of thugs, whether uniformed or plain clothes, and looting and burning and terrorizing, is all about wresting his dictatorship back from the puppet masters who want to retire him. Leaving aside the part about how the puppet masters have no business using the people to accomplish their ends, now that they have, Mubarak STILL is slaughtering people to keep power.

If you drop all the craziness being whipped up and complicating things, the bald fact is that the power elite want Suleiman and they are going to get him. I believe there is a slim chance the people will be able to change that, but in case they do, the power elite have ElBaradei lined up.

Any way you slice it, it's awful, EXCEPT for the beauty of the Egyptians standing up against this level of existential terror, and despite the despicableness of those it benefits the most, Mubarak must go, for EVERYONE'S sake. He does not seem to be willing to ACTUALLY budge while he yet breathes, so they're going to have to fix that fast... unless, of course, they PROFIT from his extermination on the way out.


No. Really.


They will have found someone destitute willing to die to make his family rich, promising to shoot him before the police can get their hands on him, and Mubarak's declaration that he will die on Egyptian soil will come to pass.

love, 99

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