12 February 2011

i'd so hoped that if i stayed quiet this just wouldn't happen

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Of course, that's just dreaming, just being superstitious, just dumb.


And, while I'm on the subject, I become exasperated with Max Keiser over this stuff... this gold stuff. I'd've been vexed over the big Buy Silver gig, too, except for the notion of there being a chance to tap dance on JPMorgue's grave, which outweighed my concerns over heavy mining activity anywhere. I know we need it for lots of things beside money, but money is the most of it, and we DON'T need that. We only agree to THINK we need that. HUGE difference.

He and Stacy carry on like they're environmentally-concerned, but also push gold so hard even I start groping around for what remnants of jewelry I have tucked away somewhere. You can't push gold that hard and not know that moonscaping vast tracks of pristine planet is the desired result. Yes, yes, you think it is the preservation or enhancement of your security. And you might well think that, because it obscures the ugly truth.

Right now I'm listening to him discuss how America is exporting inflation with Catherine Austin Fitts, who is a pretty damn cool lady. Maybe you'd like to join me?

love, 99

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