04 February 2011

i'm reverting to ancient egypt tonight

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I have my doctoral work to catch up on, you know.


Momentary slip back into modern Egypt:
Unknown attackers have blown up a pipeline that runs through El-Arish area of Egypt's north Sinai area and supplies gas to Israel via Jordan, according to Egypt's state television reports.

It was not immediately clear what impact Saturday's blast had on gas flows. There were no immediate reports of any casualties as a result of the blast.

"Saboteurs took advantage of the security situation and blew up the gas pipeline," a state television correspondent reported, saying there was a big explosion.

State TV quoted an official as saying that the "situation is very dangerous and explosions were continuing from one spot to another" along the pipeline.

"It is a big terrorist operation", a state TV reporter said.

Residents in the area also reported a huge explosion and said flames were raging in the area.

According to a security source, the Egyptian army closed the main source of the gas supply to the pipeline.

"The armed forces and the authorities managed to close the main the source of flow and are trying to control the fires," the source said.

Israel's national infrastructure ministry said that it was looking into the incident. Israel imports 40 per cent of its natural gas from Egypt, in a deal built on their 1979 peace accord.

Al Jazeera's corrspondent, Ayman Mohyeldin reported from Egypt that, "We do not know yet who was behind the explosion as no group has claimed responsibility.

"The strategic Egypt-Israel relationship comes under very intense scrutiny here in Egypt because of the perception that very few people benefit from it.

"And many Egyptians believe that it benefits Israel more than it benefits Egyptians."

According to Al Jazeera's sources, eye witnesses are being interviewed by authorities and the investigation is focusing on some bedouin tribes of Northern Sinai.

Bedouin tribesmen of the Sinai Peninsula attempted to blow up the pipeline last July as tensions intensified between them and the Egyptian government, which they accuse of discrimination and of ignoring their plight.

"They do not enjoy the wealth that the state generates from the Sinai peninsula, the money has not benefitted the communities there," our correspondent added.
It's really pretty. Hope we get some good still images coming over the wires.

Al Jazeera had an Israeli analyst on to talk about it. The guy kept whining about what a good friend Mubarak has been, how insecure everyone in Israel is feeling, and how they need help. I think maybe they've freaked out the space aliens who'd come down to get them so badly that they turned tail and shot back to Betelgeuse without them....


Extra credit: in case of insomnia....

love, 99


  1. I'm gonna put this link up here at the top. If it's accurate, it's well worth the two hour listen. I know you're gonna be sour on the source site nine's, but it's just linked there. :p


  2. Yer right, I ain't hangin' with that malarkey, but I'll listen if it's just linked. Thanks.

  3. If what he say's comes to fruition and they lose the money/power, we may see some wild shit happenin' in the not too distant future.

    You can't expect the evil fucks to give up without throwin' a hissy fit to end all hissy fits!!!

  4. I couldn't hear the first part very well, and have to listen again, but it sounds to me like this guy is dreaming.... Maybe I should start over right now because I don't even know who's talking.

    I mean, I feel that China and Russia HAVE been colluding on how to put a lid on our evil fucks, but I haven't felt them pushing to play their hand. I've just noticed them working on it back there.

    So, right. I will start over.

    If you have more info or background, I'd appreciate it.

  5. Dund fergit, Ryan has his "Charles" thing in full swing, that what split him with Cassidy was her credulousness and willingness to air any crank, and now his "Charles" is saying the big boys are fucking with her... of course, if he's real he's fucking with Ryan too, but more likely he's an actor, entertaining the troops.

  6. I don't believe these guys have anything to do with Cassidy or Ryan. I believe the only reason Cassidy has linked to it is because Benjamin Fullford started blogging some of their posts (from their own site) on his blog. They appear to be financial players that are feeling a bit guilty about what they have been up to for the past few years. The guy being interviewed is ex military of 30yrs.

    The first 5 mins of audio are bad.

    Humor me, listen to it all, the guy paints a very interesting picture of events as far back as WW1.

  7. I went back and realized I couldn't hear it because it was completely jumbled. Notwithstanding his having said virtually nothing but planting ideas in those first minutes, I will listen to it all because he's talking about the fascists didn't get vanquished. It's my position that they are flourishing here, and maybe he will say something that helps me make that point more clearly in the future.

    Thank you.

  8. I also notice that THIS White Hat Report is not on its website, but IS on Kerry's. It was brought up on Avalon by "Akhenaten", who appears to have discontinued his account. Ryan posted about "Charles" posting on his boards under various names, primarily "Atticus", but others, and I think he's just plain "Charles" now.

    So... it still seems that this is the psyops/silliness between those two... but I'm listening. He sounds like Bill Deagle slowed down... on tranquilizers....

  9. Ok, I'm not gonna get into this stuff about Kerry, Bill and whoever over on the Avalon forums. As far as I am concerned all of them are to eager, thus easily duped to be of any significance. The post you linked to by Akhenaten is from November of last year, this MP3 was linked on Kerrys' blog on Feb 2nd of this year.

  10. Right. I know that. Kerry appears to have been pushing these guys for at least a few months. AND this mp3 on Kerry's blog while it's not yet on the blog of the people who put it out. I'm just looking to see if this is connected to the recent stuff about the enforcer from the big boys coming in and "admitting" they're fucking with "conspiracy theorists". I don't want to bother with their blather either.

    The problem is this guy is claiming the Chinese have just come in to save the world and that on Monday or so we will find ourselves suddenly without this bullshit monetized debt we call "money". We will see soon enough, I guess, but a bunch of large questions are coming up while listening.

    For instance, I don't grok how this shift from shit to real money stops the government black funding, stops the covert ops. The way they do it now is to just flat keep it off the books or disappear it from the books and thwart all attempts to find out where it went. I don't see how that changes by this means.

  11. And, hey, are you busy getting my loft ready?

  12. For instance, I don't grok how this shift from shit to real money stops the government black funding, stops the covert ops.

    The only way to do that is to have a currency that is backed by something. ie: gold, silver, oil, etc. not debt as it currently is. If they do that through the Bank of International Settlements the U.S. will have a new currency and all currencies will be re-valued. You can't hide real money, only "shit" money based on debt. That's why the Federal Reserve did it in the first place.

    He states that the Chinese have demanded that. I guess we'll see soon enough.

  13. I guess I'm not buying the can't hide real money part... because, to everyone, the not real money has been life-and-death real and they've hidden it just fine.

  14. It actually sounds like the good way to just shift all the ill-gotten gains permanently to the ill-gains-getters' bank accounts.... A good plan to turn their paper into gold... now that none of us have any paper....

  15. And, hey, are you busy getting my loft ready?

    Today is my first day off in 15 days. We had a pretty good snowfall here and -45C temps. with the windchill. The snow isn't a big deal here, we're geared for it. 80 centimeters would only shut the main routes down for about 8hrs. and the whole city would be back and running in about 24hrs. The cold can sometimes wreak havoc with equipment and -40 is apt to do that a lot.

    Think your blood is thick enough? :p

  16. Long as I've got my tub I can so handle it....

  17. We'll see , we shall see lol.

  18. I guess yer sayin' you have NOT got my loft ready.... :o[

    I have big plans for the ultimate exercise of my doctoral powers from that loft!


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