25 February 2011

it's all over the place

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And it upsets me too much. So I'm avoiding all but the most cursory looks, but, within this piece about the Friday protests all over the Middle East is this bit about Egypt, and that could use an update here.
Egypt's new military rulers, promising to guard against "counter-revolution", faced political pressure on Friday to purge the cabinet of ministers appointed by Hosni Mubarak, the deposed president, as thousands of protesters gathered in Cairo.

On the eve of the rally that will also celebrate two weeks since Mubarak's removal, the military, which has promised
elections within six months, assured Egyptians there would be "no return to the past" of the Mubarak era.

At a gathering at Tahrir Square, which was also to remind the military of the people power that ended Mubarak's 30-year rule, activists urged the military to overhaul the newly appointed cabinet and install a fresh team of technocrats.

Protesters want Mubarak to be put on trial and for Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik to be fired.

"Friday is another day of protest to bring together Egyptians who bravely ousted Mubarak but still struggle as
remnants of the old regime try to hang on and ruin the revolution," Sameha Metwali, an activist, said.
And shine on you crazy diamond.

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