05 February 2011

a little tsarion for my early evening nap

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I know I just got up, but I wanna go back down. Sometimes that's all it takes to make me go alert again, and sometimes it just turns into a good snooze, but either way it goes, I listen to stuff with all kinds of jumping off points for positive contemplation....


And, since I've given him his own label, I'm moving his sidebar stuff off herewith, and even other stuff, while I'm at it. You can find it by hitting the TSARION label or the SIDEBAR STUFF label.

They spray aluminum, barium and strontium all through the atmosphere as though they are fumigating. We are the bugs.check and check

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love, 99


  1. OT...

    Don't ya just love it when a total asshole gets his due?

    Approaching Pinole on I-80, traffic flowing at 70mph, some idiot comes flying by in the carpool lane doing at least 95. We were going down a hill and I could see him up ahead hitting his brakes and swerving through the lanes to pass people then flooring it again back in the diamond lane and off into the distance.

    About 4 miles up the road the traffic came to a complete stop, then crept along for the next mile or so.

    At the front of the traffic jam was a set of dark new skid marks going diagonally across the freeway from the diamond lane across five lanes of traffic, ricocheting off the retaining wall and then back across four lanes ending with Mr. I'm so cool I can go fast standing behind his smashed car directing traffic around it. The hood and right fender were laying on the pavement nearby amidst an assortment of other car parts and the windshield washer fluid jug was about 100 yards further down the freeway.

    Fortunately there was no sign of any other cars involved.

    I drove by LMAO...

  2. And what the hell is it about these fucking idiots that when you put on your signal to change lanes it means hurry up and pull along side me in the lane I'm trying to merge to because mine is ending?

  3. Eh, yer jess old and jealous is all... :o]

  4. I'm laughing, imagining how he was going to explain all that evidence to the CHP....

  5. And just be glad at least ONE of you remembers yer drivin' a lethal weapon.

  6. how he was going to explain all that evidence to the CHP

    And his insurance company!

  7. Eh, yer jess old and jealous is all.

    Actually he looked to be in the midst of a mid-life crisis!

  8. Oh, those are the worst!

    I can't tell you how many balding or graying men I've seen in their cherry red babe magnets cruising parking lots, trolling for little girls....

    It's both despicable and laughable.

  9. Ahem, that bit sure hit me wrong! Hard to hold my mind open for that stuff. Glass is a liquid already. There's already been TV shows, Nova, for one, about the strange physics near absolute zero, and it's already mainstream, not out there, which means it's only fifty percent science and the other fifty percent is twaddle meant to mystify people.

    Or maybe I should have more coffee? ;o]

  10. LOL!

    My 100 year old farmhouse had some window panes which had sagged - they were about 1/2 as thick at the top as they were at the bottom and bobbles within them were stretched out vertically.

  11. bobles = bubbles

    Guess I need some more coffee!

  12. It's going to be a bitch getting the backup coffee on our polar bear refrigeration project, I can tell. I mean, HOW can one plan for such a thing? The only thing one can count on is that one will always need MORE than projected, no matter HOW much was projected....

  13. Speaking of coffee, I went to the store today and the same can of coffee I spent $5.99 on three weeks ago is now $11.49!It wasn't on sale when it was at $5.99 - it had been that price for at least 6 months now.


  14. That cannot be right. Canned coffee is USUALLY around ten bucks, less on sale, and more for the fancier roasts... unless you usually buy the small cans. The fancy bulk brands are over $11.49 a pound and have been for a few months. Your store musta been doing some kind of loss leader gig with that coffee....


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