03 February 2011


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Raimondo loses patience with Arianna helping Hosni with her legendarily assholish headlines.
I see the Huffington Post has another one of their over-sized screaming headlines: "Day of Departure — Will Massive March Force Mubarak's Hand?"

Yes, that's right, Arianna — you airhead — Mubarak will be "forced" to kill, jail, and repress the protesters in Tahrir Square and around the country because their march was too massive.

Why does anybody take this social-climbing limousine faux-liberal seriously? She married a gay guy — Michael Huffington came out to her before they tied the knot — so she could stay in the country, and then acted surprised when she "found out" he played for the Other Team. I say put her on a plane — albeit not before disabling her gaudy purple Blackberry — and ship her back to Greece, pronto.
She can't help herself, Justin.

love, 99


  1. If cellphones really fuck with planes would anyone fly?

    Send her to Guantanamo. Fucking Terrorist.

  2. sending request
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    "Arianna Huffington claims that Jon Stewart is not a liberal, but simply someone who speaks truth to power. I disagree. If Jon Stewart told Arianna Stassinopoulos that she is an unprincipled fag hag who has slept her way up the social ladder so she can be praised for telling us the same lies everyone else in the media does, then that would be truth to power. "
    - James Kirkpatrick

  3. That's tellin' 'er....


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