06 February 2011

oh, man, it's odd i should come across this today

[click image]


I was back trying to pull together my sidebar again last night. Deleting or replacing dead links, etc., and finding myself miffed about that damn unemployment chart I keep faithfully updating every month, and which increasingly feels wrong to me. Kabam and kablooey! Pft! This now finds my eyeprints today.


So. Since it now feels wrong, starting to feel as understated as the official line—and, yes, I know I clearly do like to err on the side of overstatement, but gimme a break, the country is comatose—I think I'm going to take that Shadow Stats graph off my sidebar. It ceases to say something meaningful to me....

For those of you on the feed, I don't know if you've noticed the updating on the matter of Egypt today. I think you should notice now.

Okay. Right. Off to nix the annoying graph.

love, 99

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