24 February 2011

oh, welcome home

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I find this:
Two U.S. citizens with diplomatic status were quietly withdrawn from Pakistan after being involved in a fatal car accident last month while trying to help Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor being held by Pakistani authorities on murder charges.

Two officials familiar with U.S. government activities in Pakistan said the two Americans who left the country worked for the CIA under contract as protective officers. This means they were employed as highly skilled bodyguards, like Davis, for CIA operations officers serving in Pakistan.

The two Americans who left Pakistan have not been otherwise identified by U.S. or Pakistani authorities. The CIA declined to comment.
that goes on to make this all sound perfectly reasonable under bad circumstances, and I'm wondering to myself if this could just be CIA rat bastards getting a karmic shot from left field or if it's just more covering for their filthy rat bastard activities. The ones for which they are being handsomely paid. And then I think it would be well if they were all scooped up and plopped down somewhere with no population for a couple hundred miles in any direction.

This is all next to a headline that reads: Obama breaks silence, condemns Libya crackdown ...pfeh. Would you mind telling me WHY it's of interest WHAT Obama says about Libya? Is it actually that America is looking to its president to say stuff? Do we need a spokesmodel in chief? I mean, have you been avid to hear him on this subject?

Do you think I oughta get back in my car now?


On the other hand:
ATHENS, Greece — They blockade highway toll booths to give drivers free passage. They cover subway ticket machines with plastic bags so commuters can't pay. Even doctors are joining in, preventing patients from paying fees at state hospitals.

Some call it civil disobedience. Others a freeloading spirit. Either way, Greece's "I Won't Pay" movement has sparked heated debate in a nation reeling from a debt crisis that's forced the government to take drastic austerity measures — including higher taxes, wage and pension cuts, and price spikes in public services.

What started as a small pressure group of residents outside Athens angered by higher highway tolls has grown into a movement affecting ever more sectors of society — one that many say is being hijacked by left-wing parties keen to ride popular discontent.

A rash of political scandals in recent years, including a dubious land swap deal with a rich monastery and alleged bribes in state contracts — has fueled the rebellious mood.

At dawn last Friday, about 100 bleary-eyed activists from a Communist Party-backed labor union covered ticket machines with plastic bags at Athens metro stations, preventing passengers from paying their fares, to protest public transport ticket price hikes.

Other activists have taped up ticket machines on buses and trams. And thousands of people simply don't bother validating their public transport tickets when they take the subway or the bus.

"The people have paid already through their taxes, so they should be able to travel for free," said Konstantinos Thimianos, 36, an activist standing at the metro picket line in central Syntagma Square.

In one of their frequent occupations of the toll booths on the northern outskirts of Athens recently, protesters wore brightly colored vests with "total disobedience" emblazoned across their backs, and chanted: "We won't pay for their crisis!"

The tactic has cropped up in the health sector, with some state hospital doctors staging a blockade in front of pay counters to prevent patients from paying their €5 flat fee for consultations.

Critics deride the protests as yet another example of a freeloading mentality that helped lead the country into its financial mess.

"The course from initial lawlessness to final wanton irresponsibility is like a spreading cancer," Dionysis Gousetis said in a recent column in the respected daily broadsheet Kathimerini.

"Now, with the crisis as an alibi ... the freeloaders don't hide. They appear publicly and proudly and act like heroes of civil disobedience. Something like Rosa Parks or Mahatma Gandhi," Gousetis wrote. "They're not satisfied with not paying themselves. They are forcing others to follow them."

Many accuse left-wing parties and labor unions of usurping a grassroots movement with legitimate grievances for their own political ends.

"You think that lawlessness is something revolutionary, which helps the Greek people," Prime Minister George Papandreou said recently, lashing out in Parliament at Coalition of the Left party head Alexis Tsipras. "It is the lawlessness which we have in our country that the Greek people are paying for today."

But there is something about the "I Won't Pay" movement that speaks to something deeper within Greek society: a propensity to bend the rules, to rebel against authority, particularly that of the state.

It is so ingrained that many Greeks barely notice the myriad small, daily transgressions — the motorcycle driving on the sidewalk, the car running the red light, the blatant disregard of yet another government attempt to ban smoking in restaurants and bars.

Less innocuous is persistent and widespread tax avoidance despite increasingly desperate government measures.

"There is a general culture of lawlessness, starting from the most basic thing, tax evasion or tax avoidance, which is something that Greeks have been exercising since their state was created," said social commentator Nikos Dimou.

But many see the "I Won't Pay" movement as something much simpler: the people's refusal to pay for the mistakes of a series of governments accused of squandering the nation's future through corruption and cronyism.

"I don't think it's part of the Greek character. Greeks, when they see that the law is being applied in general, they will implement it too," said Nikos Louvros, the 55-year-old chain-smoking owner of an Athens bar that openly flouts the smoking ban.

"But when it isn't being applied to some, such as when there are ministers who have been stealing, ... Well, if the laws aren't implemented at the top, others won't implement them."
Maybe I should start smoking in restaurants and bringing produce over the California border from Oregon and, and, and... well, SPEEDING and not paying the fines... and fomenting general obstreperousness all around....


We should just teach kids basic math and how to read and then let them listen to James Corbett. They'd be ten thousand percent better off. Would they not?

I mean, it occurs to me that most of us know most of what he's saying there already, but we do continually let that litany of facts sink back into the great existential puddle. NO dispositive action is ever taken against it. So we should consider yanking our kids out of school after second grade and smoking in elevators from now on.

love, 99


  1. Fuck the fucking spies, "They're just bitchy little girls." ~ SAM @ Burn Notice (I know, fiction vs reality)

    Maybe the three German Warships headed to Libya might help. (zerohedge) Maybe Libya ought be renamed "liberty" - just MY thought, the German people do love liberty.

    I dunno what to say about Greece. It's one of the places we used to TDY to back in my USAF days. Needless to say we were NOT invited back. I think a better thread to discuss and think about is here. But hey maybe I am just wasting my time again reading this constant 24/7 shit and injecting my fucked up ego?

    And as far as produce going between Oregon and California. I know the retard way is to stop bad produce FROM OTHER STATES TO CALIFORNIA. Which is why all the check points. But the reality is back in 87-89 I worked at Oki Nursery (bankrupted by whatever used to be called embezzlement back then.. ) anyway, I was directly responsible for putting together orders. I knew that I couldn't ship our plants to Oregon because of snails. Such snails wreak havok, I won't even get into it. They do damage, and they are not the only pest. Bottom line if your going to bring such produce back and forth, you better fucking look closely at what your bringing that it doesn't have any friends attached. Your $6 salad could have billions of dollars of damage and food shortage. You think the economy is bad now, try with some new pest destroying the existing horticulture in the San Joaquin valley. If your going to move live plants, you need to remove the soil from the roots first. (yes you can put clean sterile (HEATED HOT) soil back with nutrients.)


    Problem is showing where and how exactly they need to be fucked, and actually doing the fucking on a scheduled basis.

    I'm Angry this morning I guess.




  3. if Obama, specifically targets Us?

    You ask the questions.


  4. I couldn't bring enough produce in to spread any plague... and I'm really SO close to the border that the border patrol would just wave me through with it anyway, but I don't do it because it's illegal.

    And, yes, Obama's strong suit is regime changes. Of course, it's not Obama. It's whoever is calling the shots, and if we think they've got mobs of black ops everywhere out there, THINK how many they have here....

  5. I lit out because I was angry and tired of being angry.

  6. I'm stressing about the author of that Zero Hedge piece naming himself "Giordano Bruno". That's pretty damn ballsy. Can he/she live up to it? Hubris!

    And I won't sign up on sites that make you register to comment. And, even as sometimes the comments there are extremely informative, you have to wade through too much drivel to get anything out of it. So I figger I have enough concentrating on my own blog to do and just give up going and working my heart out to get points across to mobs of deaf cleverism addicts.

    Don't mind me. It's my BB exhaustion again I'm sure. It's been over a YEAR and I still have NO patience for it.

    I want to fill my life with people I love and persons of good faith. Life is too damn short to fritter it away like that.

  7. http://tribune.com.pk/story/122105/cia-agent-davis-had-ties-with-local-militants/

  8. BB2, that smug bastard leering after him at the end makes me want to go buy a gun....

  9. OUD, I'm so fed up with this ENDLESS crap. Commodities are going through the roof, and ALL this crap, the ongoing military/intelligence adventures and our push-button revolutions, all of it backed impeccably by 99.9% of the MSM and, increasingly the internet, some of it witting and some of it sort of by default, that I am SEEEERIOUSLY looking for a better means to be of use to sentient beings... whether through my blog or throwing it over for a life of transcendental autodidaction! With legs. With wheels. On steroids.

    It's so fucking FRUSTRATING! Everything in this post is INTIMATELY linked. There is ONE simple and reliable source for all this trouble, and even though "ye are many and they are few", the many are about as useful against them as robots.

    My bones have broken out in blisters.

  10. I mean, the trouble all arcs toward pushing those commodities through the roof, killing billions so a few can MAKE billions.

  11. And! Do you realize the author of that piece is named "Qaiser Butt"? Further, do you realize that it is almost certainly pronounced something really, really close to "Geyser Butt"? And, OMG, I think probably it's not a pseudonym....


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