27 February 2011

quackademics are really taking some heavy fire these days

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And high time, no?
The world of academia does not resonate too strongly with many who walk the path of conscious and spiritual growth. This is, perhaps, understandable when one considers that many entrenched academic concepts of institutional consensus, received wisdom and logical criteria for truth, can seem rather opposed to the trajectory of authentic conscious deepening. Not only that, but from a shadow perspective, it’s relatively straightforward to hijack the academic edifice. After all, if you can sequester the system, you can effectively steer all those who study under it.
I'm so bloody sick of the formally-educated idiots living inside suits made of their degrees, extolling wisdom and open-mindedness when their minds have snapped shut so long ago they can't even be said to have them anymore, and "wisdom" certainly has played no part in their adult lives or this wouldn't be the case.

Truly, now, I have found one or two who are heartily engaging, with whom it is great fun to interact, but it unerringly devolves to sophistry when they have been pinned to the mat and wish it to seem otherwise. Unerringly. No matter how bright and promising. Humans are so fucking easy. Even the smart ones. Maybe even especially the smart ones. For one thing, they are much less likely to even consider the possibility they have been duped, but for another, the ego strokes built into our system for this stuff is just too much for them to pass up, even when they know damn well they're full of shit.

The constant conundrum of human intelligence and the manifest abject stupidity has driven me into consideration of this, this that may be our PRIMARY problem... maybe even over all the conditioning coming through media. I don't know how many of you grok what I'm saying when I'm deploring the lifetime of conditioning I'm still practically dead of combatting at every turn, let alone any of the hints I drop every single day about how to get out of its maw, but—CLEARLY—our only, only, only hope is for the kind of insight that is the genesis of dispositive action. It has to happen.

In a way, bumbling as I am, and wholly insufficient as this blog may be, just for this one thing, AOL should have come in with an offer of a few hundred million to buy me out. But no. That would indicate awakening is valuable. Fates forfend.

love, 99


  1. idiots living inside suits made of their degrees, extolling wisdom and open-mindedness when their minds have snapped shut so long ago

    While in college a friend of mine told me of an incident with his economics professor.

    Reading from written notes in front of the class the professor made the statement that jet aircraft would never be an efficient, viable means of moving people and cargo.

    One of the students interrupted and asked him to read it again. The professor obliged and afterward paused as what he had said sank in to him before he dismissed the class early.

    The next class session he used the new textbook and made a display of throwing away his 20 year old notes.

  2. If you think about it, he was right the first time! :o]

    But I take your meaning. It's MUCH worse than that now. As Farrell points out, textbooks should be abolished. They're ALL propaganda and they obviate independent thought. Seeeeeriously, we MUST rethink and CHANGE our education system. It's KILLING us.


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