27 February 2011

so, are you, like, gonna cave soon, or not?

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I so admit that you are far less likely to get from this maniac what I do, but that does NOT mean you will not benefit from listening to him. I like him for a number of reasons. Foremost among them is the fact that he has stood Zen on its ear to deliver the Zen message. That rocks so hard, you just can't know, but oughta. He's probably the very best at fishing bliss ninnies out of their soup, because they're much less likely to find what he talks about too outrageous to bear, but that's the problem with your discerning ear. It's discerning wrong. It's discerning what it was programmed to hear. That's SO easy to cop to these days... isn't it? Truly, I would not keep this up if I did not think you stood to gain ultimate freedom of mind from it.

I also adore that he's an autodidact who learns everything out of books and falls all over himself pronouncing things. This happens when your scholarship is so solitary. It reminds me of 86 so much. He quit school really early in favor of learning what interested him, and I was his live-in pronunciation meter. He knew what he was talking about, and he knew the words he was using; he just sometimes didn't know how to say them right. On top of that, Tsarion often gets his constructions all turned around and has to take three or four runs at it, except when he's going so fast and hard he hasn't noticed. It started out getting on my nerves pretty badly, but it broke out into a completely endearing foible once I got the picture.

I still have not discerned for positive whether he disses Eastern mysticism so hard expressly to keep yer brain from running immediately down the wrong track, or if he's genuine about that, despite having the major hurdle of Zen well behind him, or if he's being crafty. He doesn't seem like a man with any time for that action, but he's also got the ability to see minutely into things and a demonstrated ability to cut to the chase on the moment, so this could be craft... and so transcendental if that is the case.

Maybe it's harder to drop your judging when you listen than it is by training yourself with reading material. When you do it with a book, you just keep reading it over and over aloud until yer fucking busybody mind is so bored it shuts up and the ACTUAL meaning FINALLY penetrates. Anyone with the patience and discipline to do that will be RICHLY rewarded.

An aha more happily surpassing than an orgasm.

Yep. I said that.

So, maybe, if yer wanting to take my hint but just can't hang with these lectures and interviews, mayhap you would consider one of his books? Just a thought.

You could email me if you want advice on Zen books to do this with....


Maybe it would be better for you to bookmark this playlist. You could play it on days when you're lolling around with a cold or the flu, slipping in and out of nap mode. So you can sort of pay attention, in the moments when you swim up from your bouts of naps, and let it seep in that he's not as 'round-the-bend-sounding as you initially thought... or at least notice that he's saying very not-boring, new-sounding, genuine things.

Have you noticed how many people you hear who do not seem the least bit genuine? They're barfing out filthy propaganda as though you were a ten-year-old who couldn't tell. They're being clever. They're sticking to a script, even with their most original cleverisms. There's a party line, an agenda, a track, a desire to be perceived one way or another that shapes every word out their mouths... or fingers....

Aren't you sick of that? Wouldn't you give an arm or a kid for a genuine article of any kind to come your way? 99% of even so-called spiritual teachers are just riddled with an I'm-a-serious-teacherisms. It's EVERYWHERE. It never lets up!

Well, on my way to my doctorate in Out There, I have discovered a few people who are completely and unabashedly genuine, and spend all their time engaged in heavy scholarship, can back up their claims, no matter how fantastic you find them. They might be wrong. Most of them even admit that, but that in itself is a mountain of diamonds, right there.


Or pick your own DVD or book with which to give this a try. I don't think it will work with something you're already disposed toward thinking about. It helps if you are avid to stop being in the trance, but it also helps if you don't realize how avid you should be and so just want to humor your favorite old master spy blogger....

love, 99

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