19 February 2011


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I am not going to know if AJ is covering this wall-to-wall until I get home. Those people would not be dead if not for the perfidies of people WE empower. That's always the lynchpin for all the most horrible things. Our empowerment of sociopaths. We have birthdays with gorgeous views and pie and ice cream and good movies and a nice warm fire in the wood stove and they die because of it. Don't try sophistry on it. Try looking at it.


Tell me, have Barackhenaten and/or Count Olaf been coming out with statements about these every few hours?
Libyan forces fired machine-guns at mourners marching in a funeral for anti-government protesters in the eastern city of Benghazi Sunday, a day after commandos and foreign mercenaries loyal to longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi pummeled demonstrators with assault rifles and other heavy weaponry.

A doctor at one Benghazi hospital said 15 people died in Sunday's clashes. Earlier he said his morgue had received at least 200 dead from six days of unrest. The doctor said his hospital, one of two in Libya's second-largest city, is out of supplies and cannot treat more than 70 wounded in similar attacks on mourners Saturday and other clashes.

The crackdown in oil-rich Libya is shaping up to be the most brutal repression of anti-government protests that began with uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. The protests spread quickly around the region to Bahrain in the Gulf, impoverished Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula, the North African neighbors of Tunisia — Libya, Algeria, Morocco — and outside the Middle East to places including the East African nation of Djibouti and even China.

Gadhafi has been trying to bring his country out of isolation, announcing in 2003 that he was abandoning his program for weapons of mass destruction, renouncing terrorism and compensating victims of the 1986 La Belle disco bombing in Berlin and the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Those decisions opened the door for warmer relations with the West and the lifting of U.N. and U.S. sanctions. But Gadhafi continues to face allegations of human rights violations in his North African nation. Gadhafi has his own vast oil wealth and his response is less constrained by close alliances with the West than Egypt and Bahrain, which are both important U.S. allies.

Britain has called reports of the use of snipers and heavy weapons against demonstrators in Libya "clearly unacceptable and horrifying," and criticized restrictions on media access.

Libya's rebellion by those frustrated with Gadhafi's more than 40 years of authoritarian rule has spread to more than a half-dozen cities. Benghazi, Libya's second largest city with some 1 million people, has been at the center of unrest

Getting reliable information about the chaotic situation is difficult. Journalists cannot work freely. Information about the uprising has come through telephone interviews, along with videos and messages posted online, and through opposition activists in exile.

In a Saturday report, the official Libyan news agency said authorities have arrested "dozens of foreign elements trained to strike at Libya's stability and security." It said an investigation already was under way. It also said authorities were not ruling out that those elements were connected to what it called an Israeli plot to destabilize countries in North Africa, including Libya, as well as Lebanon and Iran.

Before Saturday's violence, Human Rights Watch estimated at least 84 people had been killed.

Jamal Eddin Mohammed, a 53-year old resident of Benghazi, said thousands marched Sunday toward the city's cemetery to bury at least a dozen protesters. They feared more clashes with the government when they passed by Gadhafi's residential palace and the regime's local security headquarters.

"Everything is behind that (Gadhafi) compound; hidden behind wall after wall. The doors open and close and soldiers and tanks just come out, always as a surprise, and mostly after dark," he told The Associated Press by telephone.

A man shot in the leg Sunday said marchers were carrying coffins to a cemetery and were passing by the compound when security forces fired in the air and then opened up on the crowd.

The latest violence in Benghazi followed the same pattern as the crackdown on Saturday, when witnesses said forces loyal to Gadhafi attacked mourners at a funeral for anti-government protesters. They were burying 35 marchers who were slain Friday by government forces.

The doctor at a Benghazi hospital said at least one person was killed by gunshots during the funeral march, and 14 were injured, including five in serious condition. He spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, as did several other witnesses in Libya. He said some of the latest casualties were hit by machine gun fire.

On Saturday, witnesses told The Associated Press a mix of special commandos, foreign mercenaries and Gadhafi loyalists assaulted demonstrators in Benghazi with knives, assault rifles and other heavy weapons.

On Sunday, defiant mourners chanted: "The people demand the removal of the regime," which became a mantra for protesters in Egypt and Tunisia.

Hatred of Gadhafi's rule has grown in Benghazi in the past two decades. Anger has focused on the shooting deaths of about 1,200 inmates — most of them political prisoners — during prison riots in 1996.

A similar scenario took place in other eastern cities, including Beyda, which once housed Libya's parliament before Gadhafi's 1969 military coup toppled the monarchy.

Protests spread to the outskirts of the southern city of Zentan and west to Mesrata, Libya's third-largest city.

However, the capital Tripoli, a city of some 2 million people, remained a stronghold of Gadhafi support, with security forces swiftly curbing small protests that erupted in the outskirts. Secret police were heavily deployed on the streets, as residents kept their opinions and emotions secret.

Residents on Saturday reported receiving short messages on their mobile phones warning about taking any action against Gadhafi, national security and the oil industry, which are among "red lines" in Libya that must not be crossed.

The U.S.-based Arbor Networks reported another Internet service outage in Libya just before midnight Saturday night. The company says online traffic ceased in Libya about 2 a.m. Saturday, was restored at reduced levels several hours later, only to be cut off again that night.

People in Libya also said they can no longer make international telephone calls on their land lines.

Abdullah said smaller protests were staged Saturday night on the outskirts of the capital Tripoli, a stronghold of support for Gadhafi, but demonstrators were quickly dispersed by security men. Besides Tripoli and Benghazi, the U.S. State Department in a travel warning to American citizens listed five other cities that have seen demonstrations.

Supporters of the Libyan uprising also demonstrated in Switzerland and in Washington on Saturday, waving flags and burning Gadhafi's photo.

In Egypt, exiled Libyans and members of the country's Press Syndicate have sent urgent medical supplies to Libya. Ayman Shawki, a lawyer in the Egyptian border town of Matrouh, said members of the powerful Awllad Ali tribe whose members live in the border area have volunteered to move the supplies to Libya.
Are ye gettin' it on yer network news? Is AJ all over these?

I mean, could be and I just don't know about it... but... I'm guessing the drama has been downplayed or flat not mentioned.

love, 99


  1. Indeed very little in the MSM...

    No in-depth reports, just a mention on TV.

    The SacBee did have a 3/4 page spread on the situation in Bahrain as well as the other countries in the area. It also brought news that the Bahrain military had been called off for now.

    Lacking in the report was any hint in our meddling in the area and claimed only 7 dead, far less than it would seem from the video here.

    However the re

  2. Okay... the suspense is killing me....

  3. WTF?

    However the re

    I thought I deleted that, it was a scrap left at the bottom of the page when I changed my mind as to what I was saying.

  4. Interesting video

    First part I believe is recent, second part (Shaikhs predictions) is from 2003.

  5. I'll have to watch that after I get back from dinner with Mom... while her frickin' teevee is BLASTING in the other room, making me CURSE a blue streak... but thanks, Mr. North.

    BB2... I have a feeling our "senior moments" are going to keep getting worse, rather than better. I think people get used to it by the time they're 80 or so, and then pretty soon they forget that they're forgetting and then they forget to breathe at some point. My theory is that old age is really only hell until you get used to it and after that, mostly, it's pretty much just "whatever"....

  6. Pretty interesting sermon in that video, North.

    I don't think Israel did it. I can totally believe they put themselves at the service of those who did, and how, but they are not the prime movers. I don't think Israel can fight its way out of a paper bag. I think whoever did it and is doing all this stuff wants Israel to expand and prosper, but I think the Israelis are a bunch of badly personality disordered psychopaths who need papa to run things for them.

    I think I also oughta go back and read Malcolm again.

  7. Come on 99, you keep saying "We"

    Fuck all this "We" cruft.

    Prove it's "our" government or stop using "we"

    I don't consent to jack shit, yet I have no recourse to throwing these oath breakers out.
    It's not MY government. It's the one shoved down MY throat.

    I'm getting to the point I don't even want to post here anymore. I ain't saying don't use the word "WE" e.g. We went to the park. But stop saying We're going to nuke this country or We're going to suck it up with our monetary system.

    It's all fucking bullshit. The debt isn't MY debt, is it yours? How about these wars? How about these senators?

    It's like you didn't even listen to the BASIC UNDERSTANDING of TSARIAN.

    Okay, I'll chill some. Please Please Please use the word "WE" sparingly. Please. It nauseates me


  8. You're right and I'm sorry. I have been trying to break myself of that lifelong habit for a while now and STILL slip into it way too often. It definitely isn't "we" anymore. This isn't "our" country anymore.

    I really DO try to correct myself when I slip, but I still don't catch myself every time. The HITCH with dropping that action is then it starts to look to people like it's not OUR responsibility to fix it. That's the part that worries me.

  9. I'm thinking here, and I think it's worse when I'm out in the world with the sleeping public. I slide back into those possessive pronouns to stress that it is OUR military, technological and economic might being used... even though Tsarion and others are 100% right that "we" are not doing this. I just can't get past the part where it still is "we" who are responsible for it happening and for fixing it, and when I'm around people who think, say, Egypt's uprising is going to bring them "democracy", save them from tyranny, I do sure as heck drop into those damn possessive pronouns....

    Language so often is FRUSTRATING. One needs to be as succinct as possible, but to cover all the bases takes turning one declarative sentence into five pages of qualifiers. That is maybe the MAIN way this medium blows chunks. No body language or tone of voice to deliver the whole meaning without taking up way more eyeprints than most people are willing to spare.

  10. I think I would like trying to do a Max Headroom kind of thing, where you come to my blog and it's just me here, yammering. You could click a button and get in a conversation with me. THAT would probably work better.

  11. The HITCH with dropping that action is then it starts to look to people like it's not OUR responsibility to fix it. That's the part that worries me.

    You have a point here but I am not sure how much longer. I'll give up to this way of thinking, to a point. All the way to the point where I see, the damage not only cause from beyond our control, but beyond our repair, or damage being both beyond control and repair and then thrust upon those who didn't create such damage in the first place.

    hypothetical example:
    I can't just go out and burn my home down, and business, then pass a law saying you and bluebear2 must pay me for a new ones. I caused the problem not you. Neither of you were available to arrest me, or standing by with a firetruck to swamp my hand with the match. It's not "our" problem, it's "My" problem. I caused it, not you.

    What can you do to stop the printing of dollars?
    What can you do to stop the GDP to Debt problem?

    There's nothing you can do, Bernanke is a monetary system terrorist.

    Side note: I dunno how many of you can afford to travel to see cool things, I certainly can't but I did come across this just in case.
    (In particular I like the band The Wyld Olde Souls and I think anyone seeking a pagan path ought enjoy as much as the wiccan blues band.) Oh well...

    Flower Power Creative and Sid Bernstein’s New York Celebrates George Harrison Concert

    Saturday, February 26, 2011
    Roberta Flack
    The Wyld Olde Souls
    (performing an eastern-inspired set of Harrison's songs)
    The Grip Weeds
    The Doughboys
    The 253 Boys
    Lou Volpe

    "The music and spiritual awareness of George Harrison - as a Beatle and in
    his solo years - will be celebrated by Top Artist / Music Legend / 2 - Time
    ( back - to - back ) GRAMMY winner Roberta Flack, who will be preceded by a
    stunning variety of talented, dedicated groups - giving rise to a Concert
    filled with remarkable interpretations of George's music and vision in a
    kaleidoscope of musical modalities. Ms. Flack will be releasing a CD of all
    Beatles songs in the very near future. "

    New York Society for Ethical Culture
    2 West 64th Street (at Central Park West)
    New York, NY 10023
    212. 874.5210

    7:30 PM – 10:30 PM

    Tickets are available here:

  12. Whoops forgot my sig. My bad.. Yes I posted the last message.


  13. I am not all high and mighty, I make mistakes all the time. I have no authority to tell you anything 99. I had to point it out, so what if everyone think's Phil is a jackass.. It really does nauseate me when I see the "We" Groupthink. And the ironic thing is you pointed it out to me.

    It's not YOU per say that's doing it, it is indeed psyop mind control. I have fallen under it's spell likewise. It's something to work on I guess. It's like UN-SCHOOLING.

    Sorry If I offended. Really Sorry.


  14. I would like trying to do a Max Headroom kind of thing, where you come to my blog and it's just me here, yammering. You could click a button and get in a conversation with me. THAT would probably work better.

    Oh that would absolutely rock.
    I don't know the extent of your programming skills, but A Possibility might be starting with some source code like "Chat Lisa" Ya might be closer to this goal than you think. I've seen adaptations on IRC, I know it can be adapted to other protocols. The original was in BASIC on a BBS. Surely it's come much further since then.

    "Hi my name is ni ni ni ninety nine. Welcome to my humble abode."



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