12 March 2011

at least the tractors showed up — UPDATED

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It's this modified genes thing, I'm sure:
Despite the cold, protesters turned out in the hundreds to rally on Saturday, March 12, against Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill repealing most collective bargaining rights for public employee unions.
Because this would not have been doable just a few generations ago. :o[


I did not believe I needed to look further than the CSM, but, apparently, I did.
Nearly 100,000 people surrounded Wisconsin's capitol to protest Republican moves to undermine unions and slash government services in a battle spreading across the United States.

Cheers and bells rang out as farmers riding tractors with signs declaring "Walker's budget = war on workers, middle class" and "pull together — support working families" slowly circled the towering statehouse which has been the scene of mass protests for weeks now.
Might I suggest you get Charlie Sheen to mention something about this little journalism problem cropping up? At least then it would reach enough eyeballs....

love, 99


  1. Hundreds?? over 100,000. conservatively.

  2. I lifted that copy right from their piece on it and pasted it here. That's what The Christian Science Monitor said. I had no idea they were that far from believable now, too.

    Looks as though we've got a minor publicity problem going. Maybe RT will cover it properly....

  3. These should give you a better idea of how many people were there. Cindy tells me the capitol was surrounded on all 4 sides so when you see the one photo just picture that all around and up and down state street and into the side streets. Some think there may have been 200,000.




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