10 March 2011

empire, inc.

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Blackwater has a new director... but... I'm confused. It doesn't sound to me as though it has a CEO. It sounds as though the new owners just appointed him "the" director of the directors. Doesn't that make him the Chairman?
A retired admiral and short-lived nominee to head the Defense Department has been named the director of the nation's largest and most controversial private security force.

Retired Adm. Bobby Ray Inman, 79, who's legendary intelligence career includes serving as the vice director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, director of the National Security Agency, and most recently as deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will lead the board of directors for Xe Services, formerly Blackwater USA.

...a biography of Inman issued in a press release by the White House in 1993 describes Inman as having a “bipartisan reputation as one of the nation's finest intelligence officers.” It also pointed to news accounts that referred to him as "simply one of the smartest people ever to come out of Washington or anywhere."
Maybe they said that twenty years ago, but if had ever been true, he's actually almost 81 now, and it's more like he can be trusted not to interfere.

You make a name for yourself as someone who will further the enterprises of the unutterably corrupt and you get a dazzling resumé made for you. You never want for anything again, even when you are ready for the rest home.

Wonder why you're such a loser compared to the movers and shakers wagging their KMA cards at DHS? You didn't fight to get into a position to sell out, that's why.

love, 99

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