05 March 2011

extraordinarily alone

[click image, video, forty-eight minutes]


What on earth is a porcupine doing up a tree?

love, 99


  1. What on earth is a porcupine doing up a tree?

    A porcupine knows that on the ground at night he's dead meat, unless of course, some ass comes along with a gun.

    Good film, I liked the one with the trapper in northern Alaska better though. Three months is a long time to be in the wild alone for the first time, most wouldn't make a week without breaking down. The stillness and quiet can either bring you to your senses, or bring you to your knees.

  2. Porcupines love the young shoots to eat.

    The first night on our honeymoon a porcupine sat in the tree above us dropping sticks on our tent when we were trying to get to sleep.

    We got married outdoors in the mountains near Yuba Gap at a PG&E picnic area just off of Hwy 20 at Bowman Rd. We rented the whole place for the weekend for $50. After the wedding we had a big bar-b-q with all our friends and family after which a bunch of us moved on up to Carr Lake for the first night of our honeymoon.
    The next morning Rin and I backpacked in another 4 miles to Hidden Lakes where we spent a week in the wilderness.

  3. Couldn't get around it?

  4. LOL, Bippy.

    I was amazed he was so upset so fast. It gave me a little insight into why they killed off all the grizzly bears in California. I still hate it, but have a little more understanding now. I've had close encounters with black bears [total sissies] and mountain lions [aloof, radically not sissies] and not been even a little afraid. It feels like love to me... or home. And the one time I tried to rough it for a month was foiled utterly by a freak rain the first day, so I can't claim to know how it gets, but it really seems to me he was completely emotionally unprepared for being that alone. I've been alone for very long stretches in remote HOUSES and never had anything but positive feelings about it. Of course, I always had my car and didn't have to hunt for my food.

    I loved how beautiful it was.


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