23 March 2011

the good news and the bad news

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We've had a couple days off on the jet stream thing, but, that's so about to change on us.


I am pretty damn frustrated with some of the sites I've been relying on. My bullshit detector has gone off the charts there, and have NO faith they are still trying to stick to the truth. I was going to remain silent on it for a while because these people tend to intermittently recover their integrity, but...
Given the large amount of radioactivity that could be released from the damaged reactors and spent-fuel pools at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi facility, the Japanese government was wise to evacuate residents within a 12 mile (20 kilometer) radius of the reactor site.

Unfortunately, the crisis in not over. Given the uncertainty over future releases, we believe Japan should extend that evacuation zone.

On March 16, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission advised US citizens within a 50 mile radius around the site to evacuate. Despite the US advisory, the Japanese government is still maintaining its current order, which is evacuation only to a distance of 12 miles, and “shelter in place” for those between 12 and about 18 miles from the reactor site. “Shelter in place” means that people are directed to stay indoors and seal their windows and doors.

Our assessment is that the Japanese government is squandering the opportunity to initiate an orderly evacuation from larger areas around the site — especially of sensitive populations, like children and pregnant women. It is potentially wasting valuable time by not undertaking a larger scale evacuation at this time.
when even people given to cut them all the slack in the world say this stuff, I guess I better spit it out myself.

I keep looking for fresh satellite images, but those don't seem to be happening just now.


I mean, the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum's "helpful" color coded charts now tell us #3's core containment vessel is "Not Damaged" even as they are saying on TV that they have been cooling it with seawater but hope to switch to fresh, except, of course, when it is smoking or steaming, which is practically all the time, and between blasts of raised radiation from it, and two more workers at #3 were rushed to the hospital today...yadda yadda yadda....

Oh, oh, and Tokyo can give their kids tap water again today. It was unsafe for babies yesterday, but today's readings are lower and so, knock yerseff out kids. Now, is that because a million freaked parents are scratching each other's eyes out to get to the bottled water or is that a fact? And even if it is a fact, is what they call "safe" safe for real? Are you going to bathe your baby in it now?



love, 99


  1. Radiation is one thing, but I hope the Jet Stream doesn't loop down and pick up tropical moisture.
    The storms the last few weeks have had low snow levels with abundant amounts of snow.

    The Sacramento River is at warning and flood stages for most of its length.

    A levee just north of town has slumped - if it were to go it would flood 1000's of acres of farm land and residential sprawl to the north.

    The mountains have had over 50 feet of snow so far with 2-3 feet more predicted today and 3-4 feet more tomorrow down to 2500 feet elevation.

    Ski areas are having to dig out paths for the chair lifts since the snow is so deep.

    A warm storm such as the Pineapple Express would be a disaster!

  2. Well, it might dilute the radiation more anyway....

  3. Confirm everything BB2 said.

    + Tornado's north of us, and Imagine this A PERFECTLY ROUND PURPLE CIRCLE opened up on Doppler Radar, Imagine that. Pebble in an ionosphere pond anyone?

    PS anyone see MIAMI INTERNATIONAL? The whole fuel farm went up.

    You ain't heard me lately cause I been out buying a couple dry packs. (Waterproof bugout bags) about $100 worth. I got the 40 Liter and 20 Liter. Enough to dump the box of prescriptions, supplements, a camera, batteries, lights, 8 hrs of MiniDV tape (to document any ordeal), wallet, keys, USB Clip/passwords to bank/websites, lighters, one dry underwear set, Kitteh's wild cravings, hand held mobile radios, ear-plugs, gas mask, my backup hard drive (I don't care so much about the object, it's the WORK I did to get the system as adept as it is, I am not one to reload windows from disk every time a problem happens. It takes me about a YEAR to build a system and lock it down proper.)

    (Back to the NON-Emergency stuff)

    Tying down with kite string my patio umbrellas, making sure the rafts are inflated. Moving small plants back from wind.

    Being in the pocket area, if it floods here it will be 35' all materialistic crap will be gone, but I really don't care, as I don't want to be gone.


    When the old cooling pond
    Gets a new melt down
    It's a new pond of death

    In the winds of Fukushima
    Haarp's a favorite fan
    A gift from the coalition of the Illuminati

    One last one for today.
    Budget problems?
    c a f r 1 . c o m
    (Can't seem to fucking post this on some websites)

    alright fuck it I'm out. back to work.


  4. A little while ago here we had snow mixed with the rain. Most unusual this late in the season.

  5. Phil...

    A yes, the pocket!

    I remember, shortly after moving to Sacramento, being on the roof of a two story house under construction which backed up to the levee. From my vantage point I could not see what was on the other side of the levee because it was so high.

    At lunch break I decided to climb up to the top of the levee to see what was on the other side.

    Upon discovering the Sacramento River on the other side flowing about two feet below the top of the levee I thought WTF?

  6. The craziest thing I've seen is the levee on Arcade Creek west of Marysville Blvd near my house.

    I forget what year it was, but Arcade Creek overflowed and flooded Strawberry Manor.

    After that they built up the levee with a 4 foot high concrete wall starting at the Marysville Blvd bridge and going west towards Strawberry Manor.

    But get this - they did nothing east of Marysville blvd! Now the levee east of the blvd is 4 feet lower than the west side. The east side is the upstream side!

    When Strawberry Manor flooded I drove down the blvd and saw Arcade creek pouring over the levee on the east side of the blvd, roaring across the street and down along the OUTSIDE of the levee west of the blvd. That's outside of where they built the concrete walls!



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