31 March 2011

good news for feedheads and people with shrimpy monitors

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Blogger has decided to give you a passel of new ways to view my blog, including one that cuts the width of this puppy down by at least a third... maybe even shrinks things into submitting to your iPad cathexis problem... though, surely not for your phone.... Oh, my. Anyway, I checked it out and I think you get radically TMI when you use any of the image-driven views, but the one called "sidebar" could make life around here happier for you if you don't have a monitor big enough to take in the whole blogscape. I'm not going to be a bitch about all the work I've put in on my own sidebar over the years, solely for your entertainment and edification and consolation while trapped inside your home due to radiation alerts.... Nope. I'm Zen. No sweat.

You should know that the image-driven view modes do rock, but they keep loading and loading and loading and loading and loading and loading thousands upon thousands upon thousands of images from this blog and your computer might start giving off cesium-137 particles and smoking alarmingly before blowing up in your face, depending, I'm guessing, on your RAM and/or connection speed.

To check this out for yourself: GO HERE.

I'm pretty sure the default lands you on "sidebar", which is the optimal one for my blog, so then you can decide to risk a meltdown with the other ones or enjoy how this blog for once fits on your screen, and reduces loading time like maaaad.


If there are comments already on a post, you can see them from that view, but if you want to comment on something that doesn't already have comments, you have to click in with the title, instead of any comment prompt. That's probably no different than usual for feedheads, but anyone switching to that view from the main page view needs to know it. What is different for feedheads is that you can view the comments from this setup at all... but I don't know if you can get it fed to you. You might just have to bookmark the link. I'm sure this will be evolving... and it won't work on any Blogger sites where the owner has switched off the feature.


Although the views are pleasingly clean, the background is white and does not match my template, nor is there a feature for switching the background to something that gives off less glare. I'm just grateful it doesn't look as shitty as the ordinary feed views.

I see little comments here and there that the feeds thing is going out of style, so maybe that isn't all bad. I don't know. You'd think I'd go for feeds, being as how I'm so absentminded, but they're too damn pushy and esthetically depressing to me. I revile the idea of filling my inbox with notifications of posts from far and near as well. I like choices, but I don't like being buried. I've been told that the reason people become addicted to Facebook is that all their friends' likes get blasted over to them and soon they daren't so much as run for a pee or they've missed something. Sounds like hell to me. Bad enough one becomes paranoid about missing something off the news wires in the throes of maintaining a reputation as a "with it" blogger. I don't like being "out of it" or "with it". I tell you, it's hell being me!

love, 99

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