05 March 2011

hawass resigns

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This will be happy news to many Egyptologists, but I think it means there isn't any Egyptologing left if Hawass is outta there. I only think this because of the incessant complaints about access being denied and crazed men reporting about middle-of-the-night exhumations of items unknown from extremely hot areas of the Giza Plateau... that sort of thing.... So I'm made even more uneasy by this news. "They" might have succeeded in covering up crucial historical bits that are a little more important to us than, say, speculating about potsherds in the Amazon Basin. I mean, of course, we have the attendant "mythology" a growing number of scholars are insisting is not myth for the Egyptian ruins. We're not just flying blind and entertaining ourselves with speculation for which they give grants on that score. And sociopaths depend on our inability to confirm it with physical evidence. So I find I'm not relieved he's gone. Funny... I was just talking of mounting dread....


love, 99

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