06 March 2011

hot off the pixels

[click image, via Phil]


NYPD footage of 9/11 attack, just out on Cryptome. I don't see anything but the worrisome color of the pyroclastic clouds just now, but I'm damn tired.

love, 99


  1. Y'know, watching those buildings and everything in them turning to dust from the top down makes me give more credence to Dr. Judy Wood. I don't see how conventional explosives could do that.

  2. Well, that's the camp I've landed in. After listening to a few of the torsion physics proponents who had the courage to mention it, I decided to spend more time on her site. It's a lot of work, lot of hours, lot of looking and thinking, and now the presence of unexploded thermite in the dust to complicate it, but her ideas really do account for more of what we actually saw and a lot of the stuff in the testimony of the people who were there. Now there's these vortex math guys also insisting on this physics, and all are saying that it's distinguished by the fact that it's engineerable, that the whole thing, the math, the physics you get from it, tells you how to build it. Then you add in all the guys now talking about how huge chunks of salient reality, in history and in math and in physics, is purposely NOT taught or tolerated at university, and SEE them denying stuff that is straight forward THERE, exactly as you see, say, fundamentalists denying scientific facts and go off sputtering and scratching your head... and THEN you catch stuff like Richard Gage omitting mention on TV of something he knows cold, a point he's made in so many talks he would make it in his sleep... well, it all begins to make you give more credence to Judy Wood. One part about her that works the best for me is that SHE HAS NOT STOOD BUSILY BY JUST MAKING A LOT OF NOISE AND GARNERING FOLLOWERS. She has made her findings, gone directly to the culprit agencies who "dropped the ball" and SUED them. She's not trying to win a popularity contest. She's working her hardest to take EFFECTIVE action. That alone speaks volumes.

    To be fair, that military grade thermite isn't conventional, and the way the CD guys have it plotted out wouldn't have been conventional demolition, on the TOWERS, and they DID show the stuff was used, but its very iffy that the stuff could have done all they say it did. Seems credible to me they would have packed the buildings with conventional stuff as a backup if their weapon didn't work... and/or to help take out anything left that would be too obviously evidence.

    A bunch of my Out There scholars INSIST the drill is that the controllers always set up and support what is to be their own opposition when they are putting over big whoppers on the public. From the word go. As with them setting Hitler and Mussolini up in business, and the USSR. They control both sides of polemics and wars. Anything not generated by them that starts to get power, they co-opt. Like terrorism. If there were ever any real terrorists, real guys with big grudges and no other power to act on the world, which is debatable, it doesn't matter anymore. They are ALL co-opted by these cynical/sinister forces.

  3. THE point that made me bother to post this video, instead of just save it till I was more with it, was how the demolition clouds hung there and the peculiar glowing of them. That's the definitely not like conventional CD part that is most vivid. The pyroclastic floes from them don't hang like that and seem to keep reacting that way. They start out looking identical, or nearly, but the dust clears quickly. It doesn't ACT like that.

    So it might really be that the material needed something like the thermite paint they think they've shown was there to react with the energy beam, of whatever sort, Judy Wood is trying to show was also there.

    It totally could be that BOTH camps are good faith actors, but it also could seriously be that Jones and Gage are supported by the guys who did it to be the popular front on the opposition that is ALWAYS run by the culprits so that they have control on both ends. I love Dr. Jones, but he DID deep-six the cold fusion thing and there are physicists all over the world STILL insisting it's doable, and then the HUGE Gage omission, about office fires being incapable of producing the heat needed to melt steel, when he's finally getting air time. I went back and looked to see if I could see where they may have cut it, but it didn't look as though it was edited in that part. It was right in the middle of it and didn't seem to be interrupted. It MIGHT have been a mistake, or edited out material, but I can't bring myself to believe he would have left it out like that.

    It isn't a SMALL point, not a peripheral part of the argument. It's fundamental, and, as I say, ALWAYS the bedrock of talks he's been giving for years, NOT something he'd forget to say under direct questioning from some hairdo once he FINALLY gets on the MSM.

    That knocked the wind out of me. I can't trust him anymore.


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