18 March 2011

hypnotized by talismanic words

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One of the things that drives me craziest is how people are at each other's throats over what their guy said over what the other guy's guy said. They only said it and we've caught them out thousands and thousands of times, but nobody looks up from their squabbling to realize their own idiocy. The best you can hope for is people to provisionally agree that those on the other side are fellow humans who may have good motives, whose understanding may be different, but who have the same motives. THEN the dopes go about trying to persuade the people on the other toward their side, try to get them to see the error of their ways and switch. The POINT is BOTH sides are full of shit. Words. Thin air. It May Be False It May Be True But Nothing Has Been Proved, except you can pile up mountains of evidence—you can know—and still the talismanic words pour out and sociopaths go about turning our planet into space dust... entirely UNimpeded.

love, 99


  1. It's unbalanced in the establishment's favor, who use words like Agenda, Directive, Framework with the full authority of the US Government, or UN; meanwhile citizens try to counter with words like Fraud, Lawsuit, or Election Fraud. It's a fucking joke.

    The establishment doesn't believe in karma and are technically correct in this respect as there is no such thing as karma (my opinion), AND as long as you are bound to the concept of karma your mind will never be free. This is different than your conscious knowing the ethics of right from wrong. And different from when shit just happens.

    Where the establishment's set of words are backed by actions, the people's interest is always delayed by a labyrinth of unorganized procedures each of which on their own when analyzed seem to make sense or seems reasonable, yet when assembled as a whole, can turn anyone into a felon, a psycho, or a terrorist in 15 minutes or less by a qualified shrink, cop or fusion center, the fear that people feel stops them from lifting a hand when someone is being tortured in front of their very faces when they KNOW it's wrong and they idly watch it be choreographed into a domestic terrorist who gets hauled off kicking and screaming.

    If someone can kill you, and not get caught, who wins?

    If someone can kill you, make bail, and then later get the law changed making your murder legal, who wins?

    Recently, Didn't Nigeria want Dick Cheney or $500 million? Wasn't this settled? So who wins?

    This is that same misguided mindset. It's paying money for Sin (if your a church kind of person.) It's such a illogical action, only someone controlled by fear would consider it.

    The most dangerous cult / corporate media is a proxy for such language. There's no responsibility for this cult other than to not screw up and let secrets out, and to follow the establishment agenda. If you do those two things, you can be more successful than Rush Limbaugh. (if you can call such unbalanced existence success, a balanced existence consists of equal parts health, wealth and prosperity. Not Quaudes, Hillbilly Heroin and Underage Children. If you fuck up, you will be destroyed.

    The horror, of killing millions has no effect on a misguided fearless conscious who would torture, deceive, and do anything to obtain and keep power knowing full well, there is no karma.

    Eliminating karma from one's mind is very powerful when it comes to exploiting talismanic words. A free mind can work both ways, for evil or for righteousness. An idiot can have the same free mind from ignorance as a practicing global eugenicist with a couple hundred million racked up who cares less about ethics, or consequences, and just wants power, or the highest spiritual leader with a vow of poverty who help everyone they meet.

    I noticed, the one thing not discussed is the way this unbalanced shit will pan out, there's no solution here which isn't extremely unpleasant. What are you going to do? Train Christians that not only is the God they believe is a myth, it can't touch them, and their religion was stolen, and manipulated into what they falsely worship? What pleasant way is there to convince people that KARMA and HELL were INVENTED.

    Good luck with that. I put my money on bloodshed and revolution as opposed to the elimination of fear from the mind. Misguided beliefs, and understanding is the current program running in their heads. It's called free will. I'd go on, clarify more, but blogger won't like my post length.


  2. I totally take your meaning, Phil, but I wish you would remember that the common conception of karma is NOT what the ancients taught. Karma literally means "action". That is all. All action has reaction, cause and effect, ALL. When this is taken together it produces "the world"... "the wheel of samsara"... delusion. It impacts everyone. It can only be considered personal insofar as what is acting upon all impacts one personally. Masters learn to slip the bonds of this impact, but are never blind to it.

    It has NEVER been the old as ye sow so shall ye reap gig.

    So I'm sure your meaning will get across to others without rankling their sensibilities, but it drives me nuts when you keep saying you don't believe in karma. YOU CAN'T NOT BELIEVE IN IT. It's your whole world... unbelievable as that truly, truly is....

  3. I guess I should add that when one is "on the path" [working on enlightening being], one does begin to see where their own actions come back to bite them in the ass. The closer one is to complete enlightenment the more one is alarmed by the speed with which karma bites them in the ass. It is still not "personal karma", but it IS the whole teaching the part.

  4. I just thought of a good way to put it in modern terms.

    Karma = Everything That Happens

    Even the purest, most altruistic deeds cannot be kept pure and altruistic in their ramifications. Think of the motorist whose car gets bashed by a meteor because you let him past. Does that mean you don't let anyone pass you? NO! That's outright assholish! But in being SUCH an asshole behind the wheel perhaps no one gets hit by that meteor. You could break your leg falling off a gorgeous horse you won in a lottery and it prevents you from being conscripted into a war your side would have won if you'd been fighting.... It's endless. No one controls it. Everyone can change it. Almost no one bothers... preferring social approval over bucking the evil tide.

    Shit. I bet that still doesn't make sense to anyone.

  5. 99, If you want to believe in Karma, that's fine. There's a lot of folks that do. I don't.

    (In relation to this original post) Those who exploit talismanic words to manipulate people are all lacking the "invented belief system called karma." They have a free mind, free to murder people over, or be nice. If they believed in the "invented system of karma", they would be controlled by fear, and wouldn't exploit talismanic words in the first place. Alternatively, one can believe in karma and show no remorse, but such a mind will still be bound.

    Ask yourself, what is in common with all these mouthpieces who exploit these talismanic words 24/7? I'll just tell you and save you the trouble, it's the complete absence of FEAR. By the absence of Karma, or (for the really fucked up mind) total absence of remorse.

    While you talk about meteorites or falling off horses, as karma (for brevity here) I say shit happens, sometimes for no reason whatsoever.

    You say Karma = Everything that happens.
    I disagree. Everything that happens is history, while the concept of karma can control the future for those who believe it.

    Karma also is not the same as the law of attraction. Birds of a feather flock together, etc. You can hang out with mercenaries and die from cancer, or you help people at a hospice and heal you cancer. This is the law of attraction, not karma.

    If a saw blade disintegrates at high speed and puts someone's eye out, it isn't karma which puts the eye out. It's the missing eye protection first off, perhaps the fact the blade was on a motor which revolves beyond the safety factor of the blade, or being used on the wrong material. But I digress. If I was so scared of Karma in the first place, I wouldn't be operating a saw, in fact I wouldn't be doing much of anything. Karma = Made up Belief system to maintain CONTROL over people.

    Ethics and intent are not building blocks of good or bad karma because karma does not exist.

    I disagree with Hinduism, AND Buddhism, in this respect. I told you before, it's my opinion. Clearly not everyone agrees with Me, however that's not my problem, and I am not bound to teach anyone officially how Karma and Hell were invented to control the masses.

    Karma can exist for you, only if you believe it's real. You can bind yourself to it, live in fear of it, and your mind can be controlled by it.



    I do NOT "believe in karma"... I'M TELLING YOU IT'S NOT SOMETHING SUBJECT TO BELIEF. Karma is SIMPLY the term for the great interplay of cause and effect. The moon affecting the tides. Stubbing your toe causing pain. I have been trying to explain to you where it can be used as a device for awakening, by applying the concept to volitional stuff, but what I'm insisting on, here is that you can't not believe in karma. You can't believe in it either!

    It just IS. Plainly. It's all around you every single second of every single day of every single thing's entire existence anywhere.


  7. And you can't disagree with me about it either.

    I've been studying the ancient masters—the ones who coined the term—for decades. I'm an expert in this.

    I'm not making it up.

  8. Karma and Hell are only equivalent insofar as one experiences existence as hell. Karma isn't something that true masters use like clergy use the threat of hell. Any who do are charlatans. Period. Full stop.

  9. Perhaps it would be helpful for me to remind you:


    It's a tool for awakening. That's ALL.

  10. The definition of the word "karma" is irrelevant to me as long as it's definition conflicts with the concept of "the removal of fear of karma in order to operate your mind and intent with talismanic words." This fear is but one of many, like hell, or like creating and using symbols itself.

    Which is what I was specifically talking about. I don't really want to discuss karma any further.

    If your suggesting that karma is everything. Then I will have to filter that the word karma (for myself to remember) to you means everything. Personally I call everything, everything, which is easy for me to remember. Or I might also call it the earth plane. Not sure that'll work here. But like I said it's irrelevent. Hashing out the symantics on the karma belief system, isn't going to help either of us understand the manipulation going on the television, by minds who have no fear and are quite adept at manipulation as was hinted by Tsarion.

    I didn't intend to maliciously call Buddhism anything.

    For the most part, (but not always) I am in lock step with what Tsar is hinting about the broadcast spectrum as a method of control using talismanic magic. And he is only hinting, because symbology can be quite complex. While I know enough to get some basic ideas across, and to decifer some, I'm not at the point of drawing lines on angelic tablets for specific intents or experiments, as I keep symbology much simpler. I try to keep EVERYTHING SIMPLE. I know about how such symbols can be made, the materials, the odors, the colors, the shapes, the times the dates, the tuning. I agree with a lot of what he say's about symbols and I admit he is more adept than I ever will be with the root of words. I'd be a liar if I said I agree with everything he says, though it's pretty close so far.

    What beyond, knowing yourself, having a basic working understanding of symbols, talismans, and speech, and making your own art up, does anyone suggest be done? Especially when your not adept at manipulating torturing, ripping off and deceiving people.

    The monetary power is unequal, the ownership of the spectrum unequal, vast types of intents and manipulations too much for a single person to even comprehend, only now and then does street art masterfully assembled, with a reverse message trump the 24/7 hypno-tize-ment cycle. I get the dilemma, It's sad, but it's also not my fault.

    I've made suggestions which have gone unheard. day after day on blog after blog, year after year, but who is putting a group together to get the public to take an interest in it? A group which doesn't go astray into D vs R land? Or a group which starts by understanding how it works, how the laws operate and how to change them. How it got here, and where or who made it go astray. How to fix it back to be under the public interest at each point, with the engineers supporting the public interest and not corporate interests like it rolls now. Maybe it means the public appoints fcc and fires them. Maybe it means forced by law, accessable online public files? I don't have all the answers, I am practical.


  11. Who is going to finance, design, install the





    How is this pro end of the world rapture campaign not talismanic magic just the same as talismanic words in opposition?

    It's already damn near a stone god for Christians now.

    Like I said, I'm Practical.


  12. who is putting a group together to get the public to take an interest in it? A group which doesn't go astray into D vs R land?

    I have been lending my efforts to people who are trying to do that for years. They all fall prey to the polemics. Breaks my heart.


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