03 March 2011

i don't know how i, or even if i, missed this, but i think i missed this

[click image]

Michael Tsarion


Serious hunk of time involved. Just consider me linking it so I can get back to it. No worries.

[Might do you a lot of good to spend ten minutes on Part 14....]

love, 99


  1. I tried doing the whole thing here. All day. The problem is, I will have to re-do the whole thing.

    A lot of the stuff starts out with some of the same questions I had about the masons, for a small time in my life I was attempting to join them, but I could not find the answers as to what the fuck they are actually about, and therefore on my ABCDEF (you know the Bonewits chart) I couldn't really fill the lines in. And so I decided against joining. I can tell you right now that that class on "The Craft Of The Wise" I took is what steered me the correct way.

    Now it's what 20 years later, and your pumping me with all day long Tsarion knowledge. While I don't mind spending 100% time doing such, I must say I am quite exhausted, and still perhaps jealous somewhat of the ability of Tsarion to get to the root of names and symbols. I was always quite interested in talismanic magic.

    Today, (really it's the end of the day or almost tomorrow however you choose to look at it) I find myself with a strong desire to take these symbols and steal them back and corrupt them in such a way that their original creators will want themselves to go completely ape shit.

    For a really simple example the eye of the CBS logo get's a crosshairs, then I thought NO, that will make people thing CBS has a gun pointed at us. Next I think ARROWS pointing at it. How many arrows? etc..

    On some of the more complex ones I can think of things like those eagles in chains, holding broken off arrows, or for example the unicorn / lion one with the Chains broken. Anyway. It's way too fucking much to process right now.

    I gotta say thanks again 99. Thanks for the pain of staying awake too long, and for the fire it lit inside. I am not sure if tomorrow I can pick it back up, but the thing is history is so fascinating to me right now I might just do it again. Many of the precepts I learned back in the 80's with that class, I see Tsarion builds on in detail. But fuck Tsarion has been doing this for YEARS, I haven't, I could barely find books back in the day which would be any different from any other piece of shit book. E.g. The same old shit, nothing expanded on, and no reference to get to the root of the original shit.

    Anyway. At least one person watched all of that because of you. ;o)

    peace, I'm fucking toast night night.


  2. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


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