01 March 2011

i keep bringing it up

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And it keeps on going back down. As you may know, I have become increasingly alarmed by all the unspeakable things going ignored in favor of our coveted consensus trance.
Several dozen Canada geese along western Lake Erie's shoreline have recently died or are presumed dead while others have become so sick they cannot hold up their heads, fly, or maintain control of their motor functions.

State wildlife investigators are stumped, awaiting word on tests that a national wildlife laboratory in Wisconsin has been doing on some of the dead birds.

"They will fall out of the sky and have trouble staying upright," said Dave Sherman, a biologist at the Crane Creek Wildlife Research Station the Ohio Department of Natural Resources operates in Ottawa County.

Symptoms began manifesting themselves first with mallards about two or three weeks ago.

"Now, it's mostly geese we're seeing," he said.
GEESE! To include sick and dying geese! You bastards!

[via Michael Tsarion]

love, 99

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